Parlays, combos and accumulators

Placing a Parlay/Combo bet means that you are actually placing multiple bets on different events. A traditional accumulator looks like this:
• Selection 1:Team A @ 1.274
• Selection 2: Team B @ 2.020
• Selection 3: Team C @ 2.0
In the above case it is shown that a bet has been placed on Team A, Team B and Team C to win against their rivals.
If all three of those teams won, the payout would be the three sets of odds multiplied together.
1.274 x 2.020 x 2.0 = 5.146
If any of the three selections is incorrect then you won’t win anything, the whole combo will be lost. When one or more games result as “push/void/cancelled” the winnings will be recalculated and these “push/void/cancelled” will be counted with 1,0.

Bet-IBC comes with attractive alternatives For those interested in Parlay/combo betting: PS3838 - with the best value and the lowest margins, Maxbet - number one Asian bookie , Sbobet - the Asian Handicap specialist and BetISN - with the most competitive odds for the Over/Under markets.

Parlays at PS3838

Parlays bets may be placed between different leagues, different sports and even on live events.

How to place a Parlay bet at PS3838:

  • After you logged on your account select the sport that you are interested in the left-sided menu.
  • Choose Parlay out of the several betting options.
  • Select the odds that you are interested in by clicking on them.

Pinnacle Sports Combo

  • After entering all selections you need to indicate your stake on the Bet Slip.
  • Click on the Place Bet button to place your bet.
  • Confirm the bet by clicking OK on the pop up and your combo bet is done and placed.

PS3838 vs Betfair

Pinnacle Sports vs Betfair Combo

Parlays at Maxbet

On Maxbet there is a maximum daily payout limit for any Mix Parlay bet, or series of Mix Parlay bets. Please check on Maxbet to make sure you do not exceed the limits.
When a Mix Parlay bet, which involves sports with different maximum payout limits, has been placed, then the lowest maximum limit will be applied.
You may also place an in-play/running/live in play combination bet, you just need to follow the exactly same steps as in the case of pre-match combination bets.

How to place a Mix parlay at Maxbet:

  • Upon logging in go to the Mix Parlay section in the left-sided menu.
  • A list of sports available for combination betting is displayed. By default all the sports are selected, you may select or de-select the displayed disciplines freely.
  • Select the odd of interest to add the bet to your coupon. There is no limit of selections and you can bet on different sports and leagues on one Betslip.


  • After making your selections enter the stake and click on the Processes Bet button.
  • Confirm the bet by clicking OK in both pop ups – now your bet is placed.

Maxbet vs Betfair


MAXBET vs Betfair Combo

Parlays at Sbobet

- Mix parlay betting is most commonly available for popular sports including football, basketball and baseball.
- You must have a minimum of 3 selections from different events to form a mix parlay bet.
- Each time you place a bet, the minimum and maximum bet amount for the particular event is shown at the bottom section of your bet ticket.
- Your accumulator may be made up of different leagues and sports.
- An accumulator may be placed on live events

How to place a Parlay bet:

  • Once you are logged onto your account go to the Parlay menu selection on the lower left side of the page.
  • Then select Mix Parlay.
  • By default Football is selected but you may choose another type of sport.
  • Select the odd of interest to add the bet to your coupon, there is no limit of selections and you can bet on different sports or leagues on one Coupon.


  • Enter the amount you wish to wager and click the Submit button to place your bet.
  • Confirm the bet by clicking OK on the pop up window and your Mix Parlay bet is done.
  • A confirmation alert message box is displayed once you have confirmed the mix parlay bet. Click OK in the alert message box to complete the bet.

Sbobet vs Betfair

SBOBET vs Betfair Combo

Parlays at BetISN:

- Currently combo bets are available only for Soccer and Basketball.
- On the same ticket may be placed bets from different leagues and sports.
- Parlay bets are available for live events.

How to place a Parlay bet at BetISN:


  • When you are logged on your account on the left-sided menu choose the sport you are interested in.
  • From the options that appeared bellow (the chosen sport) select – Mix Parlay.
  • Out of the odds that you see on your window select the ones that you want.




  • Write the stake you are willing to place and click on the Process Bet button.


BetISN vs Betfair

BETISN vs Betfair Combo

Why use these bookmakers for Combo bets:

As an knowledgeable punter you are looking for a large range of sport events, promising odds and a variety of interesting markets for building up a combo bet that’ll bring the least risk, and rise the chances for impressive winnings?

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