Shoot them all out in Snooker!

Anthony McGill

Snooker. Probably and most arguably the most elegant form of pool/billiards ever devised. A much larger table of all the other ones used (9 feet x 4.5 feet in contrast to the 6 feet x 3 feet for 8- or 9- ball), different cues, different balls, smaller pockets and a whole set of rules. A slow, full of tactics and careful planning game when it is played in frames. But quite a different story when it comes to a shootout. And quite an opportunity for you to bet on your favorites via the most trusted broker for Asian bookies.

For the uninitiated, the Snooker Shoot-out is a fast and furious version of the standard game. It is played in a single frame that lasts 10 minutes, with each player allowed 15 seconds for each shot for the first 5 minutes and 10 seconds for the last. A ball must be potted with every shot or a cushion hit by any ball regardless of color. It will be the second time this event is organized as a ranking tournament.

The winner of the first tournament last year was Anthony McGill who defeated Xiao Guodong 67-19 on the final. He is also considered as one of the favorites to win this year’s event which will be held at Watford Colosseum for the next four days. Today Feb 08 is the first phase with the individual pairs and there are 76 players contesting. Another 38 pairs will do the same tomorrow. The winner will receive the grand prize of £ 32,000, while the total prize money to be distributed are £ 146,000.

The legend and for all intends and purposes the best player ever to appear on the sport, Ronnie O’ Sullivan, will not be participating and that provides more chances for the other 22 members of the top 30 of the rankings to win the title. Not to mention of course that the odds are quite different than those offered if the man was present and competing.

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