Singapore’s Grand Prix 2017

The Singapore Grand Prix 2017 is coming around the corner as this Formula 1 Event is on the 17th of September 2017 as per the calendar of the FIA Formula One Championship.

The race will take place on the Marina Bay Street Circuit – a 5.065 km long course that will be lapped 61 times at nightfall, under some very powerful illumination to provide the drivers with the feeling of racing in broad daylight.

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The options for betting include both the pilot that will finish first and the constructor team that will get the most points. On this last note, Ferrari and Red Bull share three victories each, while Mercedes won last year’s race and is the leading candidate for this season as well. If you are specifically interested to bet on the constructors, then Maxbet is the bookmaker for you.

Maxbet odds for the Singapore Grand Prix 2017

The conditions of a race during the night are unpredictable despite the powerful illumination. It is a well-known fact that artificial light cannot match true sunlight. This diversity makes the odds for the winner differ from Bookmaker to Bookmaker. However, regardless of whether you may be a Sportsbook or an Exchange fan, you will find the best odd for your favourite picks for the race at one place or another for sure!

After Hamilton’s victory in Monza, he has gone over Sebastian Vettel at the championship standings for the first time since the beginning of the season. This translates to a dedicated Sebastian Vettel to win his leading position back and therefore a most interesting race.

Among other things, Singapore will also be the place for the announcements of McLaren’s separation from Honda as engine provider and consequent agreement to be supplied by Renault’s power unit. Such an announcement will surely change the morale of McLaren’s drivers who have not been doing so well this year and it may affect the outcome of the race in some of the other available betting options.

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