Anadolu Efes SK – Alba Berlin

Prediction: 1078
Tipster: Andrew Bets
Stake: 4/10
Odds: 1.892
Start GMT: 2019-10-11 17:30:00
Tournament: Euroleague
Category: Basketball Prediction
Bookmaker: VIP-IBC
Added date: 2019-10-09
Betting prediction:
Alba +12.5 AH

Anadolu Efes ended as the runner-up team in the Euroleague last season, while Alba are making their Euroleague debut. In Round 1, Anadolu suffered a home defeat against Barcelona 64-74, while Alba blasted past Zenit St. Petersburg at home 85-65. Now the Istanbul giants are taking on the Berlin citizens in another home event and the bookmakers see the Turks as very heavy favourites. They are favourites, truth to be told, but not as heavy as many think, I suppose.

Anadolu Efes is a great team but they are built around the leading figures of Micic, Beaubois, and Larkin. These three guards are essential for Anadolu Efes as they all can score a lot of points and create plenty of good shooting looks to their teammates. The mentioned three are incredibly strong playing one-on-one, so the guarding players always need help from their teammates to get defensive stops playing against these two, which unlocks more room to Anadolu Efes shooters like Simon, Moerman, or Peters. However, Beaubois and Larkin have been missing with injuries lately and I am not sure if they are able to step onto the court on Friday. Even if any or both of them appear to be able to play some minutes, it will be hard to expect very solid games from them. Therefore, Micic remains the only real creator, so Anadolu Efes will again have to play with limited offensive potential. This does not promise anything good facing the offensive fluency of Alba.

Alba is not the starriest Euroleague team by a long distance but they are one of those units who can grind out the most out of the least, so to speak. Alba is incredibly efficient offensively and they were one of the best scoring Eurocup teams for a few consecutive seasons. Head coach, Reneses, makes his charges play very smart and brave basketball, so Alba loves to hunt after scalps of a team bigger and richer than them. Three-pointers and fast breakpoints are their key strengths, and opposing sides can never know what angle to look at while defending as Alba has numerous players who can lead the team forward on a given day. Defensively, Alba is nothing special, but the Turks’ offence is limited too, as I mentioned above. In general, the Berliners make a tricky team to play against, so Anadolu Efes will have to work to get their first Euroleague win.

As you can see Alba looks great as underdogs for the game, so my money goes down on them. If you also want to enjoy the highest odds for this game, register for the best betting software and place yourself among the winners!