eMonkeyz – BCN Squad

Prediction: 1600
Tipster: Betallvictory
Stake: 1/10
Odds: 2.29
Start GMT: 2020-06-25 19:00:00
League: LoL – LVB Superliga Summer
Category: eSports Prediction
Bookmaker: VIP-IBC
Added date: 2020-06-24
Betting prediction:
BCN Squad to Win

If BCN play with the same level shown in these last rounds, they should easily win over eMonkeyz. The odds given to BNC surprised me, they should be the favourites or at least 50/50. Indeed, eMonkeyz are undefeated, but still, they haven’t faced any of the «top» teams of the league. They only played against direct rivals so far. In fact, they won after a big comeback against Team Queso, when the match «belonged» to the latter.

On the other hand, BCN have faced Betis, a team that we can consider a direct opponent. Also, they faced the best two teams of the league. They made a good game in the first round against Betis but it was obvious that they were missing something. In the next two rounds, they played against Giants and Movistar and again, they were better than the rivals on both occasions, even when BCN is the worst team in those pairings. They were close to beat Giants and the match was dominated by the ones from Barcelona, but they didn’t finish it and Giants imposed themselves just because they are better.

On the third round, they played against Movistar and this time, after dominating the match – just as they did with Giants, BCN managed to achieve the victory against the best-shaped team of the league.

I think that eMonkeyz are receiving too much attention just because they are undefeated, but as I said, they didn’t play against a strong rival yet as BCN did. Both teams come in a great moment and it will be a tough match, but definitively BCN have so much value. I think they should even be considered the favourite ones here. If you want to enjoy the best odds for this great match, register on the best betting software now!