FC Heidenheim 1846 – SV Wehen Wiesbaden

Prediction: 1528
Tipster: Igor Tips
Stake: 5/10
Odds: 1.84
Start GMT: 2020-05-22 16:30:00
League: Germany – 2. Bundesliga
Category: Football Prediction
Bookmaker: VIP-IBC
Added date: 2020-05-20
Betting prediction:
Heidenheim to Win

The second Bundesliga resumed last week and we found many surprises. This includes the different results from FC Heidenheim and Wehen Wiesbaden, the two teams that will face each other this Friday.

Starting with the home team, Heidenheim didn’t restart the 2. Bundesliga as they expected. The team suffered a big 3-0 defeat when visited Bochum last Saturday. Bochum was fighting to avoid the danger zone and this victory fit like a glove for them. For Heidenheim and all the fans, losing against a poor team was like a punch in the face. Still, they are placed 4th with a positive record (11-8-7) and a positive goal average (34-29). There are many rounds left and the gap between Heidenheim and the 2nd and 3rd positions is about only 4 points. Having said this, the promotion to the first Bundesliga is still intact.

Similarly, Wehen Wiesbaden gave us another surprise, but in this case, it was a positive one. They played against Stuttgart (placed 3rd) and won! However, we have to note that the victory came after a penalty on the 95th minute. The VAR resource was even necessary to confirm it and Wiesbaden finally converted the goal of the victory in the 97th minute, when the additional time was set to 3 minutes. Also, we are talking about a team placed 16th, a position that takes you to the relegation playoffs and could bring Wiesbaden to the third league.

Obviously, the visitor’s motivation is high at this moment and will try to keep fighting to avoid relegation. However, Heidenheim is a very good team, with very good players and their ambition to fight for a promotion spot is bigger. Also, Heidenheim have a record of 7 victories, 4 draws, and only 2 losses when playing at home, while Wehen Wiesbaden had only 4 victories in their 13 matches played on the road. My bet for this match will be FC Heidenheim to Win. Register for the best betting software to enjoy the best odds and highest limits on the market.