FC Smolevichi-STI – Fk Isloch Minsk

Prediction: 1467
Tipster: Realtu
Stake: 1/10
Odds: 3.34
Start GMT: 2020-03-29 13:00:00
League: Belarus – Premier League
Category: Football Prediction
Bookmaker: VIP-IBC
Added date: 2020-03-25
Betting prediction:
Smolevichi to Win

Hello again everyone, the world of soccer is still struggling, but at least a few leagues continue strong, shining like beacons in the darkness of these hard times, and this time we are going to watch a match between the 4th placed Isloch Minsk and the 9th placed Smolevichi-STI in the Belarusian Premier league, also known as Vysheyshaya Liga; and as we always do, let’s take a look at the numbers:

This league is still in their early steps, too early for my tastes, in fact, but it’s only by stepping out of our confort zone that we grow, so, here we go:

To change things a bit this time let’s talk about the visitors first, the  Isloch Minsk, who are in the 4th place in the table right now. At the moment they have only 1 game played wich they won, and as such, conquered 3 points in the league so far.  This victory came from a 1-0 result, which is why they are in 4th seeing as the 3 positions above have 3-1 victories.

Then we have the home team, the Smolevichi-STI, who are now in 9th place, although this hardly means much this early in the league. As of now, they have only 1 point in one game, coming from a 1-1 draw, exactly like the 8th placed Dinamo Brest above them, and so, obviously only one point in the league so far as well.

As I said at the start, this league is way too early for my tastes, normally I prefer to wait for more data to come in about the performances of the teams, but hey, these days we have to take our matches where we can find them. Plus, I’m always up for new experiences. This time I will place my support behind the non-favorite, the home team, the Smolevichi-STI, because, to be honest, this early in the league anything can happen, so I am hoping to see the home factor add some value here.

My choice here is a victory for Smolevichi-STI I will place my bet with odds of 3.63 and place my bet on VIP-IBC. If you also want to reserve your spot among the winners, don’t waste any more time and register now for the best betting software! Goodbye and stay safe everyone!