Feirense – Penafiel

Prediction: 1455
Tipster: Duarte
Stake: 8/10
Odds: 1.854
Start GMT: 2020-03-13 20:00:00
League: Portugal – Segunda Liga
Category: Football Prediction
Bookmaker: VIP-IBC
Added date: 2020-03-12
Betting prediction:
Feirense -0.75 AH

UPDATE: Match has been cancelled due to COVID-19 until further notice

This game will be played behind closed doors and consequently without fans from any team. This game is extremely important for the home team and so I think it will not have a negative impact that the game is behind closed doors. Feirense in the last six games have scored eight goals, conceded two goals and scored eighteen points in total. Penafiel in the last six games have scored four goals, conceded eight goals and scored four points.

This game could be decisive for Feirense. A loss or a draw could have a negative impact on the goal and dream of going to Portugal – Primeira Liga. So this game is a final for the home team and they will do everything to beat Penafiel. At the moment, Feirense is the team in better shape in the Portuguese second division and is also one of the best teams to create goal opportunities and not allow goal chances to opponents. At an individual level, I also consider Feirense superior to Penafiel’s team. Regarding the need to win, Penafiel does not need to win points, but Feirense has an urgent need to win points to get closer to the top places. Only Pedro Henrique will be absent from the game. Possible eleven: Caio Secco, Guilherme Ramos, Icaro Silva, Ruca, Tiago Mesquita, Christian, João Amorim, Feliz, Fábio Espinho, Edson Farias, and João Victor.

Penafiel in the last four away games lost three games and drew one game. Another negative point may be the lack of confidence due to the recent poor results. Another factor may be the lack of motivation since they will play without a specific goal for this game because the maintenance is practically guaranteed. I think that in the mental, collective, individual aspect and also the moment of form and quality of the game, Feirense is superior to Penafiel team at this moment. In addition, there are absent players, such as Inácio and Rafa. Possible eleven: Luís Ribeiro, Jefferson, Felipe Macedo, Coronas, Paulo Henrique, Romeu Ribeiro, Alan Schons, Capela, Gleison, Ludovic and Ronaldo Tavares.

Due to all the arguments mentioned above, I believe that the fair line for Feirense would be -1. So we will take the line -0.75 in favor of Feirense. If you want to place your winning bet with the highest odds, register for the best betting software, VIP-IBC, and have a place amongst the winners!