Independiente Medellín – Caracas FC

Prediction: 1725
Tipster: Igor Tips
Stake: 5/10
Odds: 8.0
Start GMT: 2020-09-17 00:30:00
League: South America - Copa Libertadores
Category: Football Prediction
Bookmaker: VIP-IBC
Added date: 2020-09-15
Betting prediction:
Caracas FC to Win
Medellín – Caracas Preview Image

Usually, I take these high-odds bets to myself as the chances of winning them are very low, and my yield will decrease a lot in my different betting profiles. However, this time I see good value on this particular bet, and I will explain to you why in the following lines. The match will be between Independiente Medellín and Caracas FC from Colombia and Venezuela respectively.

First, I want to talk about their recent past on their leagues. Medellín managed to play eight rounds on their local league before the COVID forced a suspension of the season. At that time, they ended 11th in the board with a 3-2-3 record and a -1 goal average. On the other hand, Caracas FC played only six rounds but, they didn’t lose a single game and ended 2nd in the table with 4 victories and 2 draws. Also, we need to highlight the fact that Caracas is participating in this Copa Libertadores after claiming the title of their local league back in December.

After these few rounds in both leagues, all the tournaments in Latin America were suspended due to the coronavirus outbreak. Although some local leagues are back at this time (Ecuador, Brazil, Paraguay, Mexico, etc.), the Colombian and Venezuelan leagues are still suspended. This fact means that neither Medellín, nor Caracas have played official games since the pandemic started. In this sense, there is no advantage for none of them.

Moving to the current shape of each team, Caracas have been training with all the group for a couple of months. There are even new players like Rivero and Moreno who already showed their potential back in the first months of the year. Instead, Medellín have been working for two weeks as well, but individually. Only last week, the whole group got together for the first time since March, as this could be a key point on the final result of this match. Additionally, the team suffered economic problems this year and had to leave some important players such as the captain Ricaurte who went to the MLS, and their main striker Caicedo, who moved to another Colombian team.

For their H Group in Copa Libertadores, Caracas lost 3-2 against Libertad after receiving a red card in the 75th minute and drew against the big Boca Juniors by 1-1. On the contrary, Medellín lost 1-2 with Libertad at home and 3-0 against Boca Juniors. All the signs aim to a plus for the visitor team, and the game will be played in Colombia, but behind closed doors, so I will take this high-odd pick betting for Caracas FC to win. If you also want to enjoy the best odds and highest limits on the market, you should also register on the best betting software.