Slavia – Gorodeya

Prediction: 1525
Tipster: Duarte
Stake: 10/10
Odds: 1.917
Start GMT: 2020-05-22 15:00:00
League: Belarus - Premier League
Category: Football Prediction
Bookmaker: VIP-IBC
Added date: 2020-05-19
Betting prediction:
Gorodeya +0.5 AH

A balanced game in perspective, between Slavia against Gorodeya. The home team currently has a win, two draws and a defeat at home. In the last six games, the home team has scored five goals, conceded nine goals and scored five points in total. The visiting team, lost two games, won two games and drew one game. In the last six games, Gorodeya has scored five goals, conceded eight goals and scored eight points.

Slavia is a midfielder in the Belarusian Liga, both in terms of goals and in terms of goal opportunities. The team’s strong point at the offensive level is the creation of good scoring opportunities, called Big Chances. In terms of offensive play methods, they are an average team in the league, but their counterattack is slightly better than the average. At the defensive level it is very weak compared to its offensive process. It is a team that suffers many goals, suffers many goal opportunities, and allows many Big Chances to its opponents. In terms of defensive methods of play, the home team is the weakest in the league in terms of defensive dead balls, suffers many opportunities in this regard. Possible eleven: Baranovskiy, Tymonyuk, Potapov, Nedashkovskiy, Pantia, Raevskiy, Kovalevski, Costrov, Kotlyarov, Narh and Melnikov.

The visiting team (Gorodeya) lost the last game against Torpedo 3-1. Overall this team is in the league average like Slavia. Being teams with similar potentials, I see a balanced game. It is a weak team at the offensive level, it is one of the teams that scoreless goals in the league and it is the worst team at the level of an organized attack, that is when the team is in possession of the ball they have difficulties in creating goal chances and in making goals that way. Defensively, they are a more competent team than Slavia, even due to their idea of play. Gorodeya is a team that waits for the opponent and then tries to surprise by counterattack. Possible eleven: Dovgyallo, Shibun, Pavlyucheck, Shestilovski, Poznyak, Joskimovic, Sazonovich, Sorokin, Sajcic, Pushnyakov and Arkhipov.

I foresee a balanced game, with Slavia looking for the goal and Gorodeya defending and going out on the counter. Good value in this game. If you are looking for the highest odds for this game, register for the best betting software.