Tottenham – Everton

Prediction: 1626
Tipster: KanBeBettor
Stake: 3/10
Odds: 2.05
Start GMT: 2020-07-06 19:00:00
League: England - Premier League
Category: Football Prediction
Bookmaker: VIP-IBC
Added date: 2020-07-04
Betting prediction:
Everton +0.25

This game features 2 very even teams aiming at the same 7th spot for the Europa qualifiers. However, contrary to what the betting market-implied, I believe Everton is the slightly better team at the moment, and should have a good chance to draw or even win the game.

After a honeymoon period for Mourinho taking charge, Spur have started to show their problems in their games: the aging defense, midfield stability, and the lack of creativity without Eriksen. They have drawn 4 and lost 5 in the recent 13 games, while the advanced stats like expected goals (xG) difference is negative too. Even after the COVID-19 break, they struggled vs. Man Utd and Sheffield Utd. We could probably draw a conclusion that Mourinho’s approach is already out-dated, as he cannot even sort out the defensive problem of a team.

In contrast, Everton is definitely a top-7 team after Ancelotti has taken charge. They had only lost 3 in the recent 17 games, while they were also top-6 in terms of xG difference during this period. Calvert-Lewin had totally “upgraded” to a new level, as he is now a complete striker who is very deadly in the box, and arguably about as important as their go-to-guy Richarlison. After the COVID break, they had returned in form too, withdrawing Liverpool in Goodison Park as the best game. We can see what effect a top manager can bring to a team with potential.

With only Richarlison rated as doubtful and no other significant news, it is valuable to back Everton +0.25 Asian Handicap @2.05 via Bet-IBC. Register for the best betting software and place your winning bet for England – Premier League now.