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Abraham Lopez

Hi, I'm Abraham Lopez
I’m a tipster specialized in football and competitions that offer the highest liquidity. For more information, check my profile at!account/el1pensador/soccer

Best Premier League picks with Abraham Lopez I am a tipster specialized in football, and I am focused on the leagues that offer the highest liquidity. Currently I share my predictions on Pyckio, the leader tipster platform in the world. I mostly choose Premier League matches, but I can also write about La Liga or the UEFA Champions League.

A long time ago, I started on the betting world thanks to my passion for football. After getting lots of knowledge, a comprehensive vision of the games, and stats management, I started to bet, especially in Betfair.

I published my bets in my social networks and a few other websites until I opened a Pyckio account. My stats made me become a Tipster PRO some years ago. I currently have the best numbers in English football with a 10.5% yield after 641 predictions from the last seasons.

In order to find valuable bets, I try to know the teams deeply as well as their coaches. With that, I can guess what type of game we are going to see.

If you want to see my general or sorted stats depending on the competition, you can check my Pyckio profile, where all my services are displayed.

You can also follow my Twitter profile:

best betting platform VIP-IBC
I use Pinnacle odds exclusively for Asian handicap markets, over/under and, - not so often – corners and cards. I think that Pinnacle is a bookmaker that offers very high odds and good liquidity.

The first markets mentioned above tend to have higher liquidity, so they are the ones I use the most to give a better service to my clients, helping them with odds that don’t move too much.

Regarding my exclusive predictions for BET-IBC, I will also take the odds offered by Pinnacle through the VIP-IBC betting platform. However, I can also choose another bookie if I find a better odd.

Best European football predictions at BET-IBCI feel passion for Premier League. Nowadays, it is the best football league in the world and the one with more liquidity. Also, being from Sevilla and a Sevilla FC partner make me watch a lot of Spanish football and, of course, UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League.

Last season, I added the Wyscout platform to my daily life. This is the platform used by most of the professional teams where you can watch games in real-time. They are compressed in a 60-minute format and it also includes a huge variety of stats to analyse the matches.

Bet on football predictions via VIP-IBC and earn big!I use a flat stake in all my bets.

I publish between 20 and 30 bets per month. They are posted between 10:00 and 23:00 as long as there are matches from the previously mentioned leagues and competitions.

Now, after a new agreement with BET-IBC, I will publish two bets per week on this site. They will include detailed analyses, using the odds offered by the bookmakers available in VIP-IBC.