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Hi, I'm KanBeBettor
I am a former bookie odds compiler from East Asia involved in this betting world for a few years. You can check my profile at, and

Tipster KanBeBettorI worked for a top Asian bookie for years, and am now a pro trader. I understand the football betting market very well (i.e. when will Asian limits get raised, when will the big guns smash them, etc…), which is my greatest edge.

As some of you may not understand, the football market is actually similar to the financial market as a whole, therefore, ideally, we can maximize profit via back and lay instead of just bet. That's why I will share my precise prices for trading purposes.

For tipping, I will focus on Asian books especially Singbet and Pinnacle (PS3838), which always offer good limits to winners.

'To win big, you have to risk losing! - Tony Bloom” (one of the biggest punters in the world)

I 've had losing runs easily over 50k Eur. But as long as you trust your approach and know what you are doing, you can be sure that the money will return, and in multipliers.

Tipster KanBeBettorI prefer professional bookies, like PS3838, Singbet, SBO and BetISN. They offer good limits and odds. The only way to make a profit in the long run, is to use these Asian bookies because they do not limit winners like the other recreational bookies. Personally, the bookmaker that I like the most is Singbet, as they offer the best limits for soccer overall.

In addition, I checked all the features of the VIP-IBC betting software. I decided to open an account as I realized it will most likely bring me the best limits for bookies like Singbet, PS3838, BetISN, SBO, betting exchanges as well as some smaller bookies.

Tipster KanBeBettorI almost solely focus on Football. My best leagues are EPL, German Bundesliga 1 and 2, Chile Primera and UCL, while I also bet on UEL, Belarus, Russia, and big tournaments.

Tipster KanBeBettorI submit around 30 picks per month, mostly a few days before kick-off, while a few picks could be on matchday.

About banking management, I bet 1, 2, 3 (most frequent), 4 or 5 units for each game, depending on the value of the picks percentagewise. i.e. if the pick value is 20%, I would stake 5u while if the pick value is 5%, I would stake 1u.