Hi, I'm Sherbet
A tipster from Burkina Faso.
Since November 2018 I’ve been posting my picks at Check out if you want to win with me!

I met with football at the age of 8 when my father was appointed to Italy for military purposes. Back then, I was an AC Milan supporter. As football is the most popular sport in Italy, I started playing at 11. Shevchenko was my favorite player and I’ve always wanted to be a striker like him. However, I didn’t have that God-given gift. That’s why I turned my steps towards another direction. I studied Communication Sciences at the University of Bologna. During the course of my education, in line with my discipline, I took classes such as Sports Journalism and Sport Management. To earn my keep and pay for my tuition fee, I also started sharing tips especially for Serie A matches. Later on, in a trip to the USA, I once watched an NBA game in Los Angeles and fell in love with the aesthetic playstyle of Kobe “Bean” Bryant. That’s when I also started to watch and follow every NBA game. Although, I do not share many picks on basketball games, when there is a noteworthy match, I might share my thoughts as well.

The turning point in my life was when I started to share my predictions at Blogabet. Since then, I’ve been earning a living by posting tips. To be honest, I have improved a lot. This is due to the fact that I’ve been watching all the major leagues & events from all around the world and compiling lots of data. As I love football, this is actually a hobby rather than a job for me. I believe that doing the job you enjoy the most, improves the quality of the outcome. For years, I have compiled all the statistics and remarks from the leagues in countries such as England, Germany, Italy, and France. This might seem crazy but I believe sharing predictions requires a lot of knowledge in math and science. We will find out together if the science can prevail over the unpredictability of football.

I started betting on local betting companies at a very young age. Back then, I didn’t realize that the odds were so low and the margins too high. Then I became acquainted with Betfair Exchange. The idea of betting against other bettors was so tempting that I nearly became an addict. Later on, when I decided to share my picks in a blog, I found that the odds on PS3838 were quite higher and started to solely place my bets there.

I might claim that PS3838 is the bookie that suits my purposes the most. Since the time I started working as a tipster for BET-IBC, I have also been convinced that VIP-IBC, a betting platform provided by BET-IBC, might be the next big thing for me. VIP-IBC also offers original PS3838 odds.

I have been a football fan for almost 20 years so my focus will definitely be on football mainly. However, from time to time, I may also share basketball picks.For football, I have a pile of statistics for all the leagues in England, Germany, France and Italy. I am generally placing bets on 2. Bundesliga, Serie B, and Ligue 2. For basketball, I only follow NBA. Other than these, I can also share my predictions if there is any match worth putting your money in.

On Blogabet, I post 6 to 8 picks every week. However, the picks I share are the ones that I trust the most. I do not share anything that I consider worthless or unreliable. Also, every week, I am going to share 2 special picks prepared for BET-IBC exclusively.

My stakes might differ depending on every match although I prefer placing 3 to 5 units in general. Since I am good at math and numbers, I tend to do profit/loss analysis for every pick that I choose. Therefore, I do not prefer high stakes unless the outcome of the event speaks for itself.


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