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A tipster from Burkina Faso.
Since November 2018 I’ve been posting my picks at Check out if you want to win with me!

I met with football at the age of 8 when my father was appointed to Italy for military purposes. Back then, I was an AC Milan supporter. As football is the most popular sport in Italy, I started playing at 11. Shevchenko was my favorite player and I’ve always wanted to be a striker like him. However, I didn’t have that God-given gift. That’s why I turned my steps towards another direction. I studied Communication Sciences at the University of Bologna. During the course of my education, in line with my discipline, I took classes such as Sports Journalism and Sport Management. To earn my keep and pay for my tuition fee, I also started sharing tips especially for Serie A matches. Later on, in a trip to the USA, I once watched an NBA game in Los Angeles and fell in love with the aesthetic playstyle of Kobe “Bean” Bryant. That’s when I also started to watch and follow every NBA game. Although, I do not share many picks on basketball games, when there is a noteworthy match, I might share my thoughts as well.

The turning point in my life was when I started to share my predictions at Blogabet. Since then, I’ve been earning a living by posting tips. To be honest, I have improved a lot. This is due to the fact that I’ve been watching all the major leagues & events from all around the world and compiling lots of data. As I love football, this is actually a hobby rather than a job for me. I believe that doing the job you enjoy the most, improves the quality of the outcome. For years, I have compiled all the statistics and remarks from the leagues in countries such as England, Germany, Italy, and France. This might seem crazy but I believe sharing predictions requires a lot of knowledge in math and science. We will find out together if the science can prevail over the unpredictability of football. You can follow me on twitter as well. On occasion, I share picks and tweet analyses of games. Feel free to reach me @TipsterSherbet.

I started betting on local betting companies at a very young age. Back then, I didn’t realize that the odds were so low and the margins too high. Then I became acquainted with Betfair Exchange. The idea of betting against other bettors was so tempting that I nearly became an addict. Later on, when I decided to share my picks in a blog, I found that the odds on PS3838 were quite higher and started to solely place my bets there.

I might claim that PS3838 is the bookie that suits my purposes the most. Since the time I started working as a tipster for BET-IBC, I have also been convinced that VIP-IBC, a betting platform provided by BET-IBC, might be the next big thing for me. VIP-IBC also offers original PS3838 odds.

I have been a football fan for almost 20 years so my focus will definitely be on football mainly. However, from time to time, I may also share basketball picks.For football, I have a pile of statistics for all the leagues in England, Germany, France and Italy. I am generally placing bets on 2. Bundesliga, Serie B, and Ligue 2. For basketball, I only follow NBA. Other than these, I can also share my predictions if there is any match worth putting your money in.

On Blogabet, I post 6 to 8 picks every week. However, the picks I share are the ones that I trust the most. I do not share anything that I consider worthless or unreliable. Also, every week, I am going to share 2 special picks prepared for BET-IBC exclusively.

My stakes might differ depending on every match although I prefer placing 3 to 5 units in general. Since I am good at math and numbers, I tend to do profit/loss analysis for every pick that I choose. Therefore, I do not prefer high stakes unless the outcome of the event speaks for itself.


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