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Hi, I'm Tipster BetF
I'm a die-hard soccer fan and punter. Let's enjoy the game while we make money. You can also check my profile at

Hello I am TipsterBetF and I am from South Africa. Football is my life and passion. I’ve been in the football field until age and work got on my way. I have started playing soccer at an early age. When I was 9 years old, I was already playing for the Under 12 Division. I only played in the Under 14 Division for a short period of time because of my skills and height. When I was 16 years old, I was already playing in the first team. I was the youngest player and a lethal striker. I used to avoid physical contact and dribbling the opponent from a meter away was the only way to accomplish that (I still have the skills but I lack stamina).

Now I am a football coach and punter. I share my experience with young players and make sure they grow on and off the pitch. Since taking over the role, I have accomplished significant results, Bringing home two trophies and medals.

I was then introduced to the betting industry and I totally fell in love with it. I use all my knowledge about football to place my bets and share my tips with anyone interested. As you have already noticed, my tips are only about football. With time, came the experience and now positive results are showing off. Follow me for great tips and let’s enjoy the game while we make money!

Most of the times I put my bets on PS3838, firstly because I prefer combos and this bookie is good for that. And secondly, the odds are competitive and that calls any punter’s attention.

After joining BET-IBC and being introduced to VIP-IBC, I checked the platform and I consider it the best in the industry. VIP offers odds from Pinnacle, SBObet, Singbet and much more in a single account; the odds and limits are the highest.

I love sports in general but the one in which I have more knowledge is football.

I always followed football around the world with special attention to leagues from Europe, South America and South Africa. So my focus is only on football matches.

With BET-IBC, I will be placing two exclusive pre-match predictions every week.

My stake is around 3 to 5 points because I only place bets on matches I see value. Thank you for checking my profile. Let the game begin!


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