Turkish Airlines Euroleague- Time for some serious betting

The Turkish Airline Euroleague is a year-long marathon that ends up in crowning the Champion of Europe in basketball. This title is currently held by Fenerbahce, however, it does look very likely that it will change hands this year. Perhaps, now is the time to make a choice out of the list of bookmakers offered by the best Asian broker, open an account and win big out of the best betting odds offered out there!

The usual suspects, CSKa Moscow, lead the table, followed by another usual suspect Olympiacos Piraeus and the six times European Champion Panathinaikos. Not quite the expected standings at the beginning of the year, but not totally unexpected or unpredictable. What is outside the initial predictions is the fact that the first Spanish team, Real Madrid, is only 6th, while the other four(!) Spanish teams line up below the 9th position and with negative records! Here is the table as it looks now:

TAE Standings for VIP-IBC

The way it goes so far, says that the competition will be strong until the end. Let’s see what we have seen so far:

  • CSKa Moscow are still heavily dependent on their offensive capabilities but they do not look as strong as they did during the recent years
  • Olympiacos have by far the best defense and this is their strong weapon. Considering that they went through half the first round with 4 major players injured is an indication of somewhat of a lucky star. Will it hold until the end?
  • All the Spanish teams are suffering. None of them is even remotely as strong as they were the previous years. Will any of them manage to overturn the table and make it to the play off stage?
  • Zalgiris Kaunas looks much stronger this year but will this be enough for their new and rather inexperienced players to make it to the playoffs?

On January 4 and 5, the 16th round will be played. The schedule is:

  • Panathinaikos – Anadolu Efes
  • Unicaja – Valencia
  • Barcelona – CSKa
  • Fenerbahce – Baskonia
  • Red Star Belgrade – Zalgiris
  • Bamberg – Khimki
  • Olympiacos – Armani
  • Real Madrid – Maccabi

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At first glance, some of these matches are rather easy. One way or the other Olympiacos will win over Armani, Panathinaikos will prevail over Anadolu Efes and Zalgiris will probably have an away victory over a rather weak this season Red Star. Some other matches present more of a challenge on the result, like the Spanish clash between Unicaja and Valencia or Barcelona and CSKa. And there are some very difficult derbies to be played with different goals involved for each team. Bamberg and Khinki have different reasons for winning while Real may change things around with a victory over Maccabi.

A lot will depend on how each team will handle the pressure that will start building up now that we are closing to the end of the first stage. And a lot will depend on the unforeseeable circumstances of key players getting injured. There still are a lot of matches to be played. And therefore, logically, there’s still plenty of profit to be made out of these matches.

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