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High volume betting has never been easier!

Make the right choice & take advantage of the best betting brands worldwide!

First of all let us emphasize that there are no charges involved into becoming a member!

We all know that an image is worth 1,000 words. So before we go any further let's take a look at how this works by watching the following video:

Accumulator (combo) Bets

The people behind the best betting software in the market always listen. And they did so when you asked for accumulator (parlays, combos) bets. Open an account now and be among the first to partake! Here is the pertinent information about the service:

Key Points:

  • The maximum payout per day can only be 20k. There will be no payments beyond this amount.
  • The service is available for the markets and competitions mentioned in the column to the right
  • Players can make only one selection for every accumulator bet and event

Our new moto is Consistency!

We have already introduced you to the concept of the parlay, combo and accumulator bets. We have also kept you up to date on which of the bookmakers we use provides you with the best options on the subject. We have also promised that we will always provide you with the best. And once more we have kept our word. We are not just the best. We are also the most consistent agent that will ever be at your disposal.

Eligible Competitions

  • Brazil - Série A & B
  • CAF - African Cup of Nations
  • CONMEBOL - Copa Libertadores
  • England - Premier & Football Leagues, Championship, League 1, EFL, FA Cup
  • France - Ligue 1, Coupe de France,
  • FIFA - World Cup
  • Germany - Bundesliga, Bundesliga 2 & Cup
  • Italy - Serie A, Coppa Italia
  • Netherlands - Eredivisie, KNVB Cup
  • Portugal- Primeira Liga
  • Russia - Premier League
  • Scotland - Premier League
  • Spain - La Liga, Copa Del Rey
  • UEFA - Champions & Europa Leagues, Super Cup, European Championship
  • USA - Major League Soccer
What is this all about?

The main feature of our VIP-IBC platform is that it allows you to place your wagers at multiple bookmakers simultaneously. But that's not the end of it! There are plenty more advantages for you!

Higher stakes

Regular bookmakers have preset limits on their markets. Only in rare occasions they will accept a stake higher than what they have and only after dragging you through a lengthy and time-wasting process. Our VIP clients don’t need to contact anyone to provide information about the type of bet and the amount they wish to place. The platform works just like a typical bookie, but lets you place bets at much much higher stakes than those you would get through a regular account. Stakes than can reach up to several hundred thousand Euros!

Always the best odds

Being able to see odds side by side makes you take faster decisions. i.e. you do not spend time logging out of one page to log in to another and therefore waste time and money especially when odds can drop fast. This way you get the best available odds of any given market at any given time!

Skype Brokerage

skypebrokeragelogoThe VIP-IBC platform is proud to announce that a new service
has been added to it: Skype Brokerage. It's a service that affords you the chance to bet at the best odds of the market and at the highest of stakes without any restrictions or the fear of bets being voided. Can you think of an easier way to take advantage of the Skype betting services?



Now, BROKER 8 is available on our VIP-IBC platform. This broker is focused on taking only OFF MARKET. This means that they will be taking the side of your bet that they want to lay rather than the existing offers. This broker is taking bets on a position taking approach and this is why there is a higher probability of rejection; however, the limits are higher than the ones existent on other brokers and the market is not necessarily affected.

- Higher limits
- Off market
- Lay bets by themselves
- Higher rejection rate

This Broker covers the following leagues:

Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Brazil 2, Chile, China Super League, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Denmark 2, England Championship, England League 1, England League 2, England Premier League, Finland, France, France2, Germany 1, Germany 2, Germany 3, Holland 1, Holland 2, Iceland, Italy Serie A, Italy Serie B, Japan, Japan 2, Mexico, Norway, Norway 2, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Scotland, South Korea, Spain, Spain 2, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, USA - MLS, Bulgaria, Paraguay, Champions league, Europa league, Copa Sudamericana, Copa libertadores.

An ever growing list of bookmakers

The whole point of the enterprise is to be able to place bets fast in as many bookmakers as possible at the same time. We broker the greatest and most reliable houses out there. And this list is growing all the time!

Right now you are able to take advantage of what we offer at the following:

SBOBET on VIP-IBCThe world's leading specialist on Asian handicap.
PS3838 at VIP-IBCEvery bettor that respects the name MUST have an account at PS3838. The Sportsbook offering the best value and the lowest margins.
Maxbet at VIP-IBCHow about The Number One bookie in Asia?
Betfair at VIP-IBCThe name does not need introductions. Simply the absolute top in the world.
Matchbook at VIPIBCThe ever reliable exchange with the greatest liquidity and the most significant pool of US sports.
Betdaq at VIPIBCLooking for the greatest liquidity in Asian Handicap markets? Then look no further! That's the one you need!
Singbet at VIPIBCThe Asian giant with competitive odds and a wide range of sporting markets.
BETISN at VIPIBCFor those fond of the Over/Under markets this is the place where you will find the most competitive odds.
M8BET at VIPIBCAn excellent all around Asian Exchange with high odds and an array of betting opportunities.
WinningFT at VIPIBCA great bookmaker for professionals and novice punters.
 Cmd368 at VIP-IBCCambodian Giant offering sky high odds and limits covering all betting desires.
 3et at VIP-IBCThe newest addition to our list. A Sportsbook for unlimited access, no commissions and top class odds.
Penta88Immediate winnings confirmation, rapid payouts, easy access and fast online betting available around the clock - it's all about Penta88.
JABetA British Sportsbook that offers lay and back bets, trading and no commissions or charges.
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Still think the list is not big enough? OK! Let's throw in some Thai bookies as well then:

  • LSM
  • Boom1111
  • IGK
  • 928Bet
  • GVBet
  • Boom3189

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All sorts of sports

The choice of bookmakers is not only based on brand name and reliability. It's also based on seeking out the widest variety possible on the selections offered. In our Sportsbooks and Exchanges you have the chance to bet on (in alphabetical order):

  • American Football
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Boxing
  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Ice Hockey
  • MMA
  • Rugby
  • Tennis

And those are just the tip of the iceberg! Yet, for us, this is still not enough. Our services would not be complete if we didn't also offer

The widest variety of markets

Each event comes with an assortment of markets and special bets attached. The usual moneylines, 1X2s, outrights, Over/Under, correct score, half time score, etc... are enriched by features like the Asian Handicap and markets special to each sport.

We want you to be comfortable!

Online gambling means comfort, You do not have to go anywhere, wait in line for others to place their bets to the, usually, single employee behind a desk, look for cash because they don't take credit cards, and all the usual hardship of the old style sort of betting.

However, online gambling also means speed! Having 10 different accounts in 10 different bookmakers simply negates the notion when you want to place a bet in all 10 of them! By the time you log in to the last one, in all likelihood the odds you wanted will have changed.... and you will have lost money...

Having all odds side by side and then simply clicking the one you want is surely the process to comply with both the aforementioned prerequisites. It's both fast and comfortable

But what about the rest of the little things you need to do when you have an online betting account? Is it easier and more comfortable to have to keep track and sort things out in 10 different accounts? We don't think so! So here are some more comforts you get by a VIP-IBC account:

  • Keep track of all your activities through a single interface
  • Manage the account settings as you wish:
    • - display the type of bets by sport
    • - configure the betslip as it suites you best
    • - prioritize your favorite bookmaker to always get their offers first

The only things we want you to have are a happy hand, a mouse in good working order and a comfortable office chair! And of course the desire to win big! The platform will do the rest for you!

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Who benefits?

logoTo put it as simply as possible: EVERYONE!

You need the reasons for the claim? Here they are:

  1. Extremely high betting limits
  2. Unparalleled choice of bookmakers
  3. The widest range of betting markets available
  4. The best odds on any given event
  5. Multiple currencies
  6. Easy to use interface available in all devices that have access to the internet including smartphones and tablets
  7. Customizable betting experience

Where else can you find all of the above gathered together and offered for free?

Every single punter will enjoy what our platform provides, but there are those that would stand to benefit the utmost. Who? Let's see:

  • Professional bettors, arbers and high rollers
  • Betting syndicates and bookmakers that want to hedge some of their bets
  • Winners running out of bookies where they haven’t been blocked or restricted yet

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For those that use their own betting or trading software there is now API access to the fastest odds on the market! This API access for VIP-IBC is granted upon request, without any minimum turnover requirements. In consort with the introduction of a new and more efficient JSON API, we have decided to make the VIP-IBC API more accessible. Please request more info on commission charges and here are the things you must know about the service:

Connection Fee

There will be a one-time non-refundable fee of Euro 800. This fee does not refer to VIP-IBC membership. It is only for those that will use API access.

Additional fees

For the use of the API modules there will be a set of additional fees, reset every month, as follows:

0 £-100,000 £: 0.500%
100,001 £-250,000 £: 0.450%
250,001 £-500,000 £: 0.400%
500,001 £-750,000 £: 0.350%
750,001 £-1,000,000 £: 0.300%
1,000,001 £-1,500,000 £: 0.250%
1,500,001 £-2,000,000 £: 0.200%
2,000,001 £-4,000,000 £: 0.150%
4,000,001 £ +: 0.125%

(or the equivalent in another currency)

Acceptable Use

VIP-IBC closely monitors API usage. It is not intended to be used as a price feed and we reserve the right to terminate access for any account where we suspect this to be the case.

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Here you can find the VIP-IBC API documentation .

Become a VIP-IBC Affiliate!

If you bring us players, you can join our exclusive affiliate program and make money out of their turnover without risk to you! We accept everyone, so if you redirect high rollers, winners, arbers and traders to us, we will arrange for you a commission structure that will match your criteria. Furthermore, you register your players under our group, therefore, you can use our bookmakers accounts.

  1. Reliable payments
  2. Betting simultaneously to multiple bookmakers is enabled
  3. Arbers are most welcome!
What is recommended for you to have:
  1. Your own website where people can find and contact you
  2. Means which you would use to attract new players.
  3. An existent and growing customer base

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If you want to acquire a VIP-IBC account, please complete the registration form online with the necessary information. You will be contacted via email with further instructions by our VIP Support team.

If you still have questions about VIP-IBC, please contact us through Live Chat from our web page, Skype (id: or by email at and we will be happy to respond to all of them.

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