New kickback promotion for higher bettors:
VIP-IBC pays back 50% of the paid commissions if your monthly (per calendar month) turnover reaches or exceeds 600,000 Euros (or the equivalent in other currencies)


Become a VIP client at BET-IBC:

sign-up for a VIP-IBC account and get unlimited access to high-stakes betting!

What is so special about it?

First of all let us emphasize that there are no charges involved into becoming a member!.

VIP-IBC is the platform where you will be able to place your wager simultaneously at multiple available bookmakers. With our VIP betting platform dedicated exclusively to our VIP clients you can wager several hundred thousand Euros on your favorite events at the best odds on the market. The list of the bookmakers you can bet on is always growing, so you may be surprised by the highest odds and biggest limits found all in one place.

Because VIP is all about comfort – on your VIP account you can:
  • Keep track of the offered odds all from one place, catch the good ones and make your bet profitable;
  • Manage the account settings as you wish:
    • - display the type of bets by sport
    • - configure the betslip as you wish
    • - prioritize your favorite bookmaker to always get their offers first
    • - and many other settings available
  • Bet simultaneously at:
    • SBOBET World’s leading Asian Handicap specialist
    • Pinnacle Sports Offers the best value and the lowest margins
    • MAXBET Asia’s number one bookie
    • Betfair World’s largest betting exchange
    • Matchbook Has the most significant pool of US sports liquidity available
    • Betdaq Betting Exchange with the highest liquidity on Asian Handicap markets
    • SingBet Asian giant with competitive odds on a wide range of sporting markets
    • BET ISN Boasts the most competitive odds for the Over/Under markets
    • M8bet An excellent, all around Asian betting exchange with high odds and an array of betting opportunities
    • Winningft A great bookmaker for both professionals and beginners

Besides the above mentioned Bookmakers, there are also some Thai bookies:
LSM; Boom1111; IGK; 928Bet; GVBet; Boom3189.

The above mentioned bookies and betting exchanges bring a huge variety of sporting events including soccer, tennis, basketball and all American sports.
On top of that, each event comes with a selection of special bets. For soccer, besides the traditional 1×2 market you can wager on Asian Handicap, Over/Under, corners, and half time results. Tennis fans will enjoy betting on set handicap, total games, 1st set and 2nd set winners, while American sports enthusiasts will profit from moneyline, Asian handicap and Asian Handicap Over/Under.

Regular bookmakers have preset limits on their markets, and in rare cases will accept a huge wager, but only after dragging you through a lengthy and time-wasting process. Our VIP clients don’t need to contact anyone to provide information about the type of bet and the amount they wish to place. The platform works just like your typical bookie, but lets you place extremely high bets.


  • Professional bettors, arbers and high rollers
  • Betting syndicates and bookmakers that want to hedge some of their bets
  • Winners running out of bookies where they haven’t been limited yet



  1. Extremely large betting limits
  2. Unparalleled choice of bookmakers
  3. Wide range of betting markets
  4. The best odds on any sporting event
  5. Multiple currencies
  6. Easy to use interface
  7. Customizable betting experience


For those that use their own betting or trading software there is now API access to the fastest odds on the market! This API access for VIP-IBC is granted upon request, without minimum turnover requirements.
In consort with the introduction of a new and more efficient JSON API, we have decided to make the VIP-IBC API more accessible. Please request more info on commission charges.


There will be a one-time non-refundable fee of Euro 800. This fee does not refer to VIP-IBC membership. It is only for those that will use API access.

    • Additional fees for API, reset every month:
      1.               0 £ -    100.000 £ : 0.500%
      2.    100.000 £ -    250.000 £ : 0.450%
      3.    250.000 £ -    500.000 £ : 0.400%
      4.    500.000 £ -    750.000 £ : 0.350%
      5.    750.000 £ - 1.000.000 £ : 0.300%
      6. 1.000.000 £ - 1.500.000 £ : 0.250%
      7. 1.500.000 £ - 2.000.000 £ : 0.200%
      8. 2.000.000 £ - 4.000.000 £ : 0.150%
      9. 4.000,000 £ + : 0.125%

(or the equivalent in another currency)


VIP-IBC closely monitors API usage. It is not intended to be used as a price feed and we reserve the right to terminate access for any account where we suspect this to be the case.

Here you can find the VIP-IBC API documentation .

Become VIP-IBC Affiliate:

Join our exclusive affiliate program by bringing us players and make money out of their turnover with no risk!
Redirect us high rollers, winners, arbers and traders and we arrange for you an adjustable commission structure.
You register your players under our group which means you can use our bookmakers accounts;


      • Winners, software users and arbitrage bettors are more than welcome
      • Reliable payments
      • Multiple bookmakers – for which betting simultaneously is enabled

What is recommended for you to have:

      • Your own website
      • Your own website – which you would use to attract new players.
      • An existent growing customer base

Make the right choice & take advantage of the best betting brands worldwide!

If you want to acquire a VIP account, please complete the VIP-IBC sign-up form online with the necessary information. You will be contacted as soon as possible with further instructions by our VIP Support team.

Do you still have questions about VIP-IBC? Contact us at and we will help.