BECOME A PARTNER OF PS3838 (former Pinnacle)!

This section offers you the chance of becoming an Asian bookmaker agent for some of the top class companies of the market that we cooperate with. The links below will provide you with the registration form and all the pertinent information about the advantages of becoming such a partner for us and make your dreams come true. All you have to do is make the decision, fill up the form and you will be on your way.

If you:

have any friends out there that want to open online betting accounts and you want to help them do so

have any friends out there that had betting accounts in the past directly to bookmakers and for whatever reason those accounts were closed, they do not want to enter into a direct relationship with a bookmaker or for any other reason they need an intermediary to open the accounts they need

have a website (or planning to have one soon) where you can promote your services as a betting agent

have some space that you can use as a gathering spot for people who do not have their own means of placing bets online at the best Asian bookmakers, the greatest Sportsbooks and the fastest and most well-known Betting Exchanges

...then it’s time to consider becoming a broker and start earning money today by becoming a partner of BET-IBC.

If, after following our links, you still have questions or need clarifications, please do not hesitate to contact our support via Chat (click the image on the lower right corner) or come to Skype (id: or send us an email at: It will be our pleasure to provide you with all the answers and see you augment the ranks of those that have already seen the benefits of the opportunity we offer.

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