Asian Handicap & Over/Under Calculator

AH & O/U Calculator at BET-IBCThe intricacies of Asian handicap make a lot of bettors go crazy and who can really blame them? It’s definitely not the easiest thing to master. All those types of handicaps can be overwhelming and confusing. In fact, it can be a very lucrative form of betting that offers many benefits (especially given the number of betting markets and sharp odds offered by platforms like VIP-IBC), such as more frequent returns from your bets and the chance to win, even when your team draws or loses. However, many players are reluctant to use it due to the fear of placing a bad bet. Fact is, that this fear can cost a lot of money in potential gains.

In a smaller scale, the same thing happens with the Over/Under markets. It’s easier to understand that it stands for the total numbers of goals/points scored in a game, but when it comes to deviations, things become tricky and many bettors avoid them altogether. Take the under 2.75 goals option for instance, it has three possible outcomes. If the match ends with less than two goals, you’ll win the bet, if it ends with exactly three goals, you’ll get half of the stake back, but if the match ends with more than three goals, you’ll lose the bet entirely. Sometimes, memorizing all these possible scenarios may be a struggle, but it doesn’t have to be like this. In times when humanity sends rovers to Mars, creating an Asian Handicap Calculator should be a piece of cake, and we’ve taken care of that for you.


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Inroducing the calculator

You may find either an Asian handicap or an Over/Under calculator on other gambling related websites. However, we’ve gone one step further and designed a multifunctional calculator that includes both the Asian Handicap and the Over/Under option. Our betting calculator does the math for you and displays the outcomes instantly. You can switch easily from one betting method to another by simply selecting the one you want.

Calculating Asian Handicap

To calculate the payoff and profit scenarios for Asian handicap bets, select the home or away team, choose your preferred odds format (our calculator offers 6 types of odds formats including decimal, fractional, American, Hong Kong, Indo and Malay), introduce the home or away team odds and then select the handicap you want to bet on. Now enter your stake, pick the calculation options: either a specific final score or all possible scenarios and press calculate. A table displaying the result, payout and profit will appear instantly. If you open an account at Sbobet, the leading Asian handicap bookmaker, this is a process that you will find the most useful.

Beat the Over/Under odds

The Over/Under calculator performs the same task as the one for the Asian handicap. It calculates all possible outcomes of your bets. Select the Over or Under option, choose the odds format you’re most comfortable with and the Over/Under number you want to wager on. Again, after you enter your stake, you’re presented with two calculating options: a specific final score and all scenarios. Pick whatever one you want and press calculate. The result, payout and profit will appear underneath.


Can you see how handy is our Asian handicap and Over/Under calculator? It saves you lots of time and helps you make winning bets. Whether you’re a football fan or enjoy other sports, Asian Handicap and Over/Under bets offer you great diversity and flexibility. More players are beginning to specialize in these types of bets; therefore, more information becomes available on how to use them to your advantage. With our online Asian Handicap and Over/Under calculator you have a tremendous tool to analyze all the possible scenarios. Bookmark it and use it whenever you intend to place a bet, especially when you are using the endless betting possibilities of the account on PS3838 via agent that you have opened through our services.