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The Top Betting Exchange Review

Hard facts about the Best Betting Exchange:

  • same odds as Betfair
  • same liquidity as Betfair
  • commission on winnings 3%

Introduction to the Best Betting Exchange

BET-IBC presents you a Brand New Betting Exchange that is going to take your gambling experience to a new level by giving you the opportunity to place bets at impressive odds, regardless of what kind of player you may be. More experienced players know that for an exchange to offer really high odds to tempt seasoned punters, they must have ample liquidity. Well, for this Top Betting Exchange it’s not just ample. It’s huge and it’s the basis upon which they come out on the market to claim a spot at the top.

Also, there are NO PREMIUM CHARGES. So don’t waste any more time, fill in the registration form and get started with your best betting exchange right away.

bet on Asian Betting Exchange via bet-ibc

Top Betting Exchange & BET-IBC

There’s no difficulty for us to help you open your account at the Best Betting Exchange. It’s what BET-IBC does and we’re good at it! The process is the usual one. Just fill in the registration form to get started placing bets through an account that will be opened in Euros. We are always at your disposal for any assistance you may require or any responses to your concerns and questions.

An added bonus for you is that by choosing our services, you can use the option we offer of transferring funds from another account to our Great Betting Exchange or vice versa, provided of course that both accounts are in the same currency and that they have been opened via BET-IBC.

Register now and give yourself the chance to explore the Best Betting Exchange and its mind blowing betting options. Create your gambling future now trusting BET-IBC and Top Betting Exchange!


The definition of a proper betting exchange is that players can place both lay and back bets on a great variety of markets at sporting events offered in various sports. At this time (14.01.2018) the sports offered by this Great Betting Exchange are:

  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Horse Racing
  • Cricket
  • Rugby Union
  • Tennis
  • American Football

All other assets that have become the staples of a reputable exchange are also offered here:

  • In-Play for those that want to place bets in real time while a match is played
  • One-click-bet to make it a lot faster to place bets by inserting the desired stakes and odds beforehand
  • Mobile friendly interface and therefore accessible anytime anywhere from your smartphone, tablet or any other device with the capability to connect to the internet.

Please be aware no API/trading software will work on the Betting Exchange.

The website interface itself is pretty functional and quite fast. All options are straight forward and self-explanatory while the help section is quite comprehensive. For the time being there is no initial landing page so if you want access to the endless possibilities if offers you must become a member first.

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