Sergio Pellissier Tipster on BET-IBC

Sergio Pellissier

Hello, I am Sergio Pellissier!
I am a professional Tennis Tipster for ATP/Challenger and you can find me at

I am a professional tennis expert and I am running a paid service on
You can also find me at which is little side project I am running with all tips free of charge at this moment. I do have plans of opening a paid section in a few months.

I started betting on tennis 6 years ago. It was very casual at first with parlays and a lot of short priced favourites, but it was all part of the learning process and I can say I am a professional tennis tipster for the last two years.

In times where statistics and models became a very important part of sport predictions, I still manage to operate the "old school" way without relying on numbers too much. I have a very solid knowledge about players weaknesses/strengths, game style, etc… and a good eye for
spotting bad lines and odds.

I deal mostly with matches of ATP level and sometimes with challenger markets when I feel there is big value.

When we talk about tennis, I don’t think there is a bookmaker that can compete with Pinnacle.

They offer the best odds, great liquidity on most markets and they don’t limit winners. All of my picks will be available at Pinnacle/Pinnbet88.

Sbobet and Betfair are also worth mentioning, if you don’t mind lower limits and you don’t deal with side markets too much.

All three are reliable and extremely professional with fast deposit/withdrawal systems and quick to answer any of your questions trough chat or email.

BET-IBC’s VIP service is a great option for having all of your favourite bookmakers at one place, allowing you to go for the best odds available without dealing with more than one account.

I deal only with tennis as it can become too much to focus on more sports and even this is challenging when we have more than 2 ATP tournaments along with challengers all over the world.

Last year I made around 1,000 bets with 12% yield and 55% hit rate on odds around 1.91.
While the majority of the bets was on challenger events, in the last 6 months I increased the number of ATP bets because of better liquidity/limits.

My favourite events are indoor hard tournaments in France and Italy and clay challengers in South America, where I tend to bring very good results.

I don’t deal with women's tennis at this moment.

I will post 2 picks per week here at BET-IBC. The rest are available at

The majority of the bets is at a flat stake of 2/10 with 1/10 exceptions on underdogs or bets that I’m having some second thoughts. Stake 3/10 is mostly reserved for a totally missed line or strong information about injuries, fitness issues etc…

My staking system is always the same. There are no chasing losses and the key thing is patience when difficulty strikes and I maintain my focus even on bad months and try to minimize any possible damage. I am very happy to say there was only one month in red last year and I managed to stay on top of it most of the time.

The number of bets can vary. It depends how busy a particular week is with some having more tournaments then others. It will be something like 60-70 picks on a slower month and 120-150 picks on a very busy period.

I generally hover around a long term 8-11% yield at Pinnacle and since I tend to deal with underdogs at times (odds 3.00 or above), it isn’t exactly a great return, but that’s all part of the job as long term profit is what matters and I find myself more than capable of running a profitable service.