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How do bookmakers calculate their odds?

The whole point of betting is to make money by taking advantage of the odds offered for a specific event. But how does it work for the bookmakers?

How to bet on BetISN?

BetISN is not just another Asian bookmaker. They do things differently and it is definitely worth a try to use their services. Learn how to use their very easy user interface via BET-IBC agent!

Minimum bet stakes Usually, bookmakers have a strict fixed minimum bet amounts that have to be respected. Find what are the minimum stakes for accounts opened via BET-IBC!

How to bet on SBObet


This article was written for you, with the purpose of teaching you the process of betting.  The following steps will guide you through the simple procedure of placing your first bet.

How to bet on PS3838 This article was written by BET-IBC team with the aim to guide you through the simple process of betting at PS3838.

How to bet on Matchbook

Matchbook is the world fastest growing betting Exchange, take use of this guide- make yourself a winner!

Asian Handicap

Asian Handicap may seem to be difficult at first, but with our experts’ explanations, this will become your favorite type of betting.

Poker in Asia
Find out facts about poker in Asia and best poker players. Find out more here about best Poker options that are offered and recommended by BET-IBC!

Betting types
Find out all you need to know about most popular types of betting. Make sure to try them out and enjoy your winnings!

Parlays, combos and accumulators Risk and adrenaline is what comes when placing a combo. But do you know the possible winnings a combo can give  you and which bookmakers are the best for placing one? Read our guide and find out!

Esports A raising culture in betting is virtual sports betting (esports). More and more  bookmaker come with offers for this market. Find out why you should consider betting on Esports.

How to bet
Placing your first bet is easy. We will show you how to do it on most popular Asian bookmaker  MAXBET.

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