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Hi, I'm Andrew
A keen sports gambling enthusiast and a crazy basketball lover.
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Hello everyone, my name is Andrew and I am a keen sports gambling enthusiast and a crazy basketball lover. I live in Lithuania as this is my homeland and a country where basketball takes a paramount role in social life. It is unofficially called as the second religion of Lithuania, and if you are enough of a lover of the sport to follow it for years, especially the international scene, you are certainly aware of what I mean. Because of it, I got addicted to the sport in my early childhood and have always been catching opportunities to watch as many games as I can.

Gambling came much later. The first attempts were a failure as usual, because I used to chase long odds or my personal likes, believes, or disbelieves. I never took it seriously, because I thought defeating bookies on regular basis is not a realistic task. A few years later I was proved to be extremely wrong by thinking this way as a group of Lithuanian football professionals showed me the way to go. I started winning big by following their football tips and got involved in tipping football games as well. I was an average football tipster in spite of putting a lot of my time and effort into it. I just did not have enough experience, now I know, and I did not know the game as well as I thought. Besides, for a while I ceased following basketball as football took up all of my spare time. Later events showed, it was a mistake.

Being unable to break through for years, I decided to drop football and get back to basketball full time. Success came immediately and my results were much more stable. That is because I knew this game very well - I knew players, coaches, tradition of various clubs and international sides, tactics, etc... Besides, a few years of football gambling and working with the pros gave me knowledge on how and when to tip, how to choose the right bookmakers, when to work and when to rest.

Indeed, rest is extremely important in becoming a successful and stable tipster. Many young lads work themselves to exhaustion over an ambition to get rich and famous the soonest they can. I used to make the same big mistake by covering lots of leagues and working like crazy. However, a season is long and working for this long without days off, does make you mentally tired. When mental weariness settles down, mistakes burst out. You blame bad luck and some other things, when in fact you just overestimated yourself. Sports gambling is not all about luck, not at all! The luck factor still plays a role, however, if you are a big time luck chaser then you should go to a casino instead!

All in all, a few years ago I decided to stay on a few leagues and to watch as many matches as I can. For instance, I have not missed watching a single LKL match in two years, to describe my work ethic in a fact. I usually watch around 30 hours of live action weekly, not to include news reading and exchanging some thoughts with my colleagues on the field. I like what I do for living, it brings me quite stable results and I am happy with the direction I chose.

When I received an offer from BET-IBC, I decided to join the team immediately as I believe in their politics and their strong tipster team.

Tipster's favorite bookies
Staying with one bookie is nearly impossible in basketball gambling, therefore I would suggest these:

PS3838 - one of the best bookies of the market, including the validity of the odds over time, early offers and high stakes allowed.
Sbobet - also a reliable bookie offering a similar package of deals.
Betsafe - great bookie for LKL betting and this is the league I know best and gamble the most.
VIP-IBC – I will start using this great platform for my exclusive predictions on BET-IBC as this software includes odds from more than ten different bookies, including those from PS3838 and Sbobet which I find very attractive.
Bet365 - One of the biggest bookmakers on the market with a wide range of betting offers, leagues, and decent limits. Besides, it is often late to reach the odds movement in smaller basketball leagues like the LKL, and this bookie makes it a bit easier to bet.
William Hill - A big and old British bookie with deep traditions. I like it mostly for its quite generous odds in the total points market and team total over/under selections.

These days, basketball is the only kind of sport I bet on. In my biography section I mentioned I used to bet on football a lot, however, not any more. Therefore, basketball is all I will cover for you.

I like to bet on international games and European leagues, including some local leagues like Lithuanian LKL, Spanish ACB or the VTB United League.

I will usually provide from 20 to 40 good quality tips in a month, including two shiny exclusive tips twice per week. I am an aggressive tipster by nature and I am usually not short of confidence in the areas I know well. Therefore, I will put from 2 to 5 percent of my bankroll on each stake and I suggest that you should follow my example.

Good Luck!


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