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A reliable handicapping service focused on Asian line betting.
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Our service - AF Bets - represents a reliable handicapping service focused on Asian line betting exclusively. We are a group of 2 to 3 tipsters focused on handicapped football bets while running our own website with our past records and a 3rd party verification service. Our accurate and carefully selected predictions are based on bookmaker errors, following daily trends and traffic analysis, in-depth statistics and intuition.

Here at BET-IBC, we will submit a pre-match analysis twice a week. What we hope to gain from the cooperation with BET-IBC is to attract more attention and promote our official football prediction service.

There is a significant advantage in singing with Asian bookies when compared to the European ones. BET-IBC offers the full spectrum of available Asian bookies which offer great market liquidity and competitive odds.

Regarding my personal preference - I do prefer SBOBet and Maxbet for their reliability, liquidity and the really broad range of football markets they cover, either pre-match or during live events. Now, through the partnership between us and BET-IBC, we can enjoy the odds of both aforementioned bookies in the VIP-IBC platform, which includes the odds of more than 10 different bookies.

Our service is focused on Asian lines exclusively in football. Most of the predictions are understandably coming from major and minor European football leagues and national cups, but sometimes predictions for Asian, American & Australian leagues may also be found as well.

Bottom line - we look for value wherever it can be found.

If one makes a prediction, they should also be confident about it. That been said, I'm not really a fan of a "confidence-based" staking system - either you go 10/10 or you don't place the bet at all.

Our official service creates predictions every day which you can find on our official website. We believe that there are investment opportunities every day.

For BET-IBC, we will post 2 exclusive predictions per week with complete and in-detail pre-match analysis.

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