Hi, I'm BaskeTennis
More than 10 years in the betting world and nearly 3,000 picks at https://basketballforgreen.blogabet.com/

Hi! I run a free blog on Blogabet with nearly 3,000 picks and I will soon convert it to a paid service with less bets and, hopefully, higher winning rate.

I´m in the betting world for more than 10 years now, mainly on basketball and tennis. Those are my 2 favorite sports and I try to watch as many games as I can, especially ATP, NBA and Euroleague. Nevertheless, I often do bets on other leagues (WTA, Football), not only because I follow some leagues/players, but also because I´m connected with other tipsters worldwide, with whom I share a lot of info that allows me to take advantage of some good bets mainly on football.

I will look for bets of value where the odds are overpriced according to my analysis. Most of the times I won´t take odds under 1.75 because, in my opinion, there is no interest in anything less. Of course there will be exceptions, mainly on tennis, where I prefer to take ML on odds around 1.65/1.70 than handicaps.

I´ve tried various bookmakers along my betting experience and I chosed 2: PS3838 and SBObet. They both have good odds and high limits for high roller investors, and at the same time they won´t limit bets. I will use PS3838 odds mainly because it is the best bookmaker for punter bets and it is what I use most of the times. If you´re looking for trading then the right place for you is Betfair, and also OrbitX Exchange (that basically operates on the same market as Betfair).

My 2 favorite sports are Basketball and Tennis. On Basketball I´m a +25 year NBA fan and follow everything in the League. Euroleague and WNB are also competitions that I follow closely and I also keep a look in other european leagues, mainly because I work with a lot of tipsters from Spain, Italy, France, Greece and Turkey that have a close informations about those championships.

In the last 4 years I´ve become also a tennis tipster, where I follow mainly ATP tournaments and some Challengers that I like to watch and where we can get some decent opportunities knowing what to expect from the players.

I also follow portuguese soccer where I´m able to easily get access to some news and infos that help me being successful in this sport.

The way I see it, betting is all about the relationship between the odds and the probable outcome. If you think that the probability of an outcome is 60%, there must be a value in the odds that reflects a value higher than 60%. I.e., if you think that a player has a 60% probability of winning a match and the odds are 2,00 in his favor and 1,82 for his opponent, you have a bet of value. On the other hand, if you have odds 1,50 for your player and 3,00 for the opponent, there´s absolutely no value on taking it, because you´re just following the numbers.

I will throw 2 picks a week from my betting portfolio that I won´t offer for free or in a paid service. Those will be my exclusive tips here. I will use a stake system from 1 to 5 knowing that it is a bit large but I really need to use this because of 2 things: a) bank management (all months begin from zero and with medium stakes of 2 or 3 units - if I´m having a winning month I may use 4 or 5 units to take a chance to upgrade my profit) and b) higher odd bets, mainly on tennis, where I may take some underdogs on ML or higher handicaps on football.


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