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Many basketball leagues‘ previews covered by an experienced team of experts

Basketpreviews - aboutOur company is providing daily previews for many basketball leagues, especially from Europe. We are collecting news from available sources (Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, basketball forums, basketball news sites, official pages of teams, etc…).

You can expect many previews every day because we are working hard to bring our customers the best possible service. Our customers are most important us, that's why we love our job.

Missing and/or doubtful players are marked by stars based on their importance and impact on a team’s game. Our picks then take this aspect into account for more precise advice and it is one more of the reasons our service is most unique.

If you have any questions about our service, you can use our live chat support on our website

VIP-IBCOver the recent years, we resorted to betting to many bookies. However, PS3838 have become our favourite for now as they are welcomed by high-rollers, will not limit accounts and will not void bets.

Lately we have also been introduced to the VIP-IBC platform where we can get all the top bookies together in one account and place our bets to all of them at the same time. This is a very handy advantage and I expect we will be using this service more and more in the future.

Basketpreviews - leagues and type of sportsAs we are a basketball betting service, we are most known for basketball bets, especially from Europe.

We have many experts from different parts of the world. That´s why we are able to cover many leagues based on detailed knowledge of the current developments in each league.

Basketpreviews - stakes and predictions frequency1/10 - most used stake for our bets.
2/10 - bets with high confidence and big value.

We will be sending 2 picks per week to BET-IBC exclusively. You can see our personal predictions also on our Twitter ( and Facebook profiles