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Hi, I'm Duarte
I am a tipster from Portugal in this betting world for a few years.
You can check my profile at

Tipster DuarteI am a tipster from Portugal and I have been in this betting world for few years. I started this sports betting world in 2012 and made my first bet at Bwin. However, I started to have a public record just last year at

After quitting playing football (played for 10 years), I let a few years pass by before I decided to study at the university (this is where I started betting). I spent about 5 years there and I got my master's degree in soccer. Afterwards I was in two teams, one professional and another for kids. I think this experience helps me find value in the leagues I work with (Portuguese leagues).

Next season I will open a premium service in Blogabet, I hope you join us and have a good season as well. For you to know a little more about me on this betting world, I can tell you that I will be in Blogabet for the next year and I will work with investors and always be open to new opportunities.

Good season!

Tipster DuarteI prefer professional bookies, like PS3838 and other professional Asian bookies like Sbobet, Singbet and BetISN. I like these houses because they have good limits and also good odds.

In my opinion, the only way to make profit in long term is to use these Asian bookies because they do not limit bettors like the other recreational houses. Personally, the bookmaker that I like the most is PS3838.

Additionally, after reaching an agreement with BET-IBC in July, I checked all the features of the VIP-IBC betting software. I decided to open an account as I realized it will bring me high limits while it includes the odds from Sbobet, Singbet and BetISN - amongst others – which are the bookies I like the most. Not to mention of course, my personal favorite, PS3838.

Tipster DuarteMy great passion is football and it is also the sport that I have the greatest knowledge of.

Then, the leagues I work with are the Portuguese leagues, the European competition games with Portuguese teams and national team matches.

Tipster DuarteOn average, I do picks for between 20 and 30 games per month.

About banking management, I bet 1, 2 or 3 units for each game, depending on the market value.


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