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Hi, I'm Gavin!
I run my own blog at where I offer free betting advice

Ever since leaving my one and only ‘real’ job 13 years ago, my only source of income has come out of betting. I guess I have earned the right to call myself a professional gambler! Studying economics and starting a career in accounting, helped me with the numerical skills needed to do well in the betting world.
Football gambling
I started by exploring matched betting, followed by arbitrage and finally moved into pure value betting. By this time, I had left my job and had moved to Colombia where I remained off and on for the next 10 years, interspersed by time spent in Honduras, Argentina and Australia. These days you can find me in the far less exotic location of London, but we can’t always be travelling can we?
Gambling has allowed me to fulfil dreams, I have travelled all over the world many times, seeing some fantastic things and meeting great people. I am my own boss and my office is wherever I chose to have it, be it in my room, on an aeroplane or at the beach.
I do not pretend to have in-depth knowledge on all sports, individual teams or players, but what I do have is a deep understanding of the mathematical and statistical side to betting which has allowed me to identify value. This has allowed me to earn a good living from sports betting and, in turn, it has given me the skills to become a proven tipster.

My preferred bookmakers are Pinnacle and Matchbook.
I have maintained a close relationship with Matchbook and know the team well. They are constantly looking to improve, while growing their market share and offering competitive odds. They are very happy to speak to their customers to improve their experience. Every knowledgeable gambler should have at least one betting exchange in their portfolio for a couple of reasons:
1) Only at betting exchanges do you have the opportunity to lay a bet against other punters. This may not matter so much in markets with 2 outcomes (as a lay on one team is identical to a back on the other…) but for markets with multiple runners, such as outright betting, it becomes essential.
2) You get to choose the odds that you want to bet at. Should you be unhappy with options elsewhere, simply request the price that you want and hope that your price is matched. If it remains unmatched then you have lost nothing.
Pinnacle is simply the best bookie out there when considering odds. Their tight margins and high limits make them an indispensable part of any punter’s bookmaker portfolio. They are consistently rated as the number 1 bookmaker at review sites and lead the way with reputation and security. The ability to see lines change in real-time is only replicated by betting exchanges (other sites show changes but only once they auto-refresh, which can be every 30 or 60 seconds). Take a look for yourself!
In fact you can do even better if you opted for a VIP account at BET-IBC. They are a brokerage agency and I found this service a while ago. It is quite rapidly becoming my very helpful tool. Why? Because I can have all my favourite bookies and their odds in a single screen, accessed through a single account. So, instead of logging in to one bookmaker, then log in to another and so on, I can have all the numbers I want in one place. Individual accounts are still needed for a number of reasons, but for the professional bettor, this VIP service is essential.
I run my own blog at where I offer free betting advice as well as free subscription to more betting tips. Please take a look at my historical results here and feel free to send any questions to

My tips cover all sports (and some non-sports!). However, I tend to focus on the major sports such as soccer, tennis and US sports simply because of the huge number of matches and wide range of markets offered within those matches.
Most of the time, value bets can be found in interrelated markets. For instance, the market for which team will win at half time, is connected to the full time market, which is connected to the correct score and handicap markets and so on. The smaller markets, which are often less paid attention to by the big punters (and their software!), is where you can find some excellent bets.
All leagues will be considered in my tips, perhaps looking less at the major leagues like the English Premiership or Spanish La Liga, and more at smaller ones. The big leagues are generally saturated and odds are accurate; with accurate odds it is hard to gain an edge in the long term. Price movements filter down very quickly, far quicker than at some of the lower leagues so, even if you have speed on your side, it can still be hard to make a profit!
Additionally, information for smaller leagues and smaller events can be harder to find so bookmakers have less to go on and subsequently may be slightly more inaccurate at pricing the market. It is here where the punter can have an advantage, by studying the stats and the price movements to bend the game in their favour.

Q1: If I toss my coin and somebody offers me evens, what should I do?
A1: Nothing. There is no value here, you won’t win or lose and in the long run you will just waste your time (unless you are the stick it all on red and close your eyes type.)
Q2: If I toss my coin and somebody offers me 11/10, what should I do?
A2: Bet something. You don’t bet everything of course because it is still a coin toss more or less. The difference is that you are getting better than simple coin toss odds.
Q3: If I toss my coin and somebody offers me 5/4 then what?
A3: Bet a bit more than something. Your odds are better, although the likelihood that you will win the bet remains the same…BUT…in the long run you will win and lose an equal number of bets, with the balance between money won and lost being in your favour!
The betting theory dictates that the better the value, the more you bet. However, because a losing streak can and will hit anybody, you never go overboard. So, while all of my tips have value, some of them will have a better value than others. To do well in the long term then, all tips should be followed with higher stakes placed on the better value bets.
I’ll provide a rating system where tips are rated between 1 and 5 stars depending on the value attached to them, 1* being the lowest and 5* being the highest. As an indication a 1* bet would entail a low stake while 5* should draw a high stake, all relative to your individual wager sizes.
I’ll be providing tips at least twice a week and please remember to only bet amounts that you are comfortable with.