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Hi, I'm Igor
A football and sports betting lover from cradle to crave.
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About Igor TipsMy name is Igor and I am from Romania. Football has always been a passion for me. The family pictures say that I started playing football when I was 3 years old and also seemed to enjoy watching football since those times. I dare say that I was the best player during my elementary and middle school years, but, of course, it wasn’t enough for a football career.

I studied and graduated from another passion of mine, Social Communication. A big part of my career was always related to sports and thanks to that I managed to combine both of my hobbies during all these years. Nowadays I work ‘off camera’ and that has given me some time to spare watching football around the world.

I always knew about sports betting but it never got my attention until one of my colleagues introduced me to that world. It is quite interesting once you get to know all the possibilities you have and it gives you a different point of view when you need to analyse a match away from what you like or believe. In the end, I was a lucky beginner and I won many bets, so I started sharing my thoughts with my colleagues and we created a ‘bettors club’ which is just an excuse to meet every now and then to talk and place some bets just for fun.

Many years have passed and I can say that I have looked into and know a lot about many European and American football leagues, and that gives me the experience to bet with a more professional and neutral behaviour, which I believe is the key to success in sports betting. Recently, I discovered about Blogabet which is a place where you can share your bets and see the stats of all of them and that gave me the opportunity to start a partnership with BET-IBC, so don't forget to check the best free tips and let's hope this brings fruits not only for us but also to all our followers! I also share tips & analyses on social media as well. If you don't want to miss a single tip I shared, follow me on twitter @Igortips1 and be kept updated all the time.

Igor Tips' favorite bookiesI have always worked with PS3838 and the reason for that is that it covers a wide variety of football leagues. It also covers a lot of sports and there is always the chance to bet in something else when you receive some valuable information about a match or if you have experience in various sports. PS3838 is a professional bookie and it has very competitive odds. Regarding betting limits, I am not a high roller, so it is not something I can talk really talk about.

One thing that I can categorically state is that Asian bookies are way better than European ones as they do not limit bettors when you start making profit continuously and that is why I recommend them.

Lastly, and thanks to the agreement with BET-IBC, they introduced me to their VIP-IBC service which has the advantage of presenting odds from different bookies in the same place, including the original ones from PS3838 which is quite convenient and handy for my purposes.

Igor Tips' leagues and type of sportsDuring the last years, I have placed bets in many sports, including the new e-sports, but as my passion has always been football, this is the sport I know the most and the one I will post my predictions for all of you.

Most of my picks are focused on European football leagues, but I also tend to find value in American leagues such as MLS, Brazilian and Argentinian leagues, no matter the division. Asian leagues also have had a great development in the last decade and they also bring good value, so I may offer good bets on that market as well.

Stakes and predictions frequency for Igor TipsMy stakes always represent the same number in bankroll percentage as follows:
Stake 1: 1% of my bank roll.
Stake 2: 2% of my bank roll.
Stake 3: 3% of my bank roll, and so on.

During a full season, I will post around 30 picks monthly and another 15 to 20 during summer and winter breaks in my blog. However, my biggest analyses will be posted here in BET-IBC at least twice per week, always based on pre-match games so everybody has the chance to catch them on time.


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