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Best football picks for gamblingMy name is Fernando and I live in Spain, Madrid. My father is a former football player and I had the chance to meet valuable football players by means of that. He came to Spain before my birth and met with my mother here then decided to settle.

I got introduced to football at the age of 6 and tried to be a footballer like my father but I did not have the skill for it and decided to try basketball where I also failed. However, those failures have not kept me away from watching football and basketball competitions from all over the world and enjoying them. At the age of 17 I started to bet with my friends on the outcome of the games that we watched. It was not official betting as the winner could only get a meal as a prize. Later on, as I turned 18, I decided to give it a try to make winnings out of betting and I opened my first betting account on a local bookmaker. I should admit that it was not as easy as betting with friends while watching the game.

As a further step, I decided to search for statistics and kept record of them myself to be able to use anytime I need and in 2 years time I began making good winnings enough to buy my own car in 2014. It may seem “easy money” and it is true except the fact that I need to keep up with sports news, player and team statistics and anything that has vital importance to make the right pick. My motto in life is “Wisdom never fails!”

I am a tipster from Spain and I have been in this betting world since 2014 officially and although I started betting on a local bookmaker, I have been placing my bets mostly on PS3838 in general.

The reason I prefer PS3838 is that it is an Asian Bookie and does not limit the bettor. Besides PS3838, I also prefer Singbet for small leagues especially and sometimes I bet with Sbobet or BetISN also if I see better odds offered by them.

After reaching an agreement with BET-IBC in August, I checked their best betting software VIP-IBC and I decided to open an account as it already has offers from Sbobet, Singbet, BetISN, and my favourite PS3838 amongst others.

Worldwide picksI mainly prepare my picks for football as I am more accustomed to its customs and know more about it.

I do not bet on a specific league in fact. I decide to bet on a game if I see a good value in it after making a detailed analysis for the game with the statistics I have the record of.

stakes and predictions

On https://tipstrr.com/tipster/kvasir/tips, I post 4-6 picks every week and they are the ones that I trust the most. I share only the ones that will bring winnings as I want everyone to win with me. I will share 2-3 picks for BET-IBC exclusively.

About my stakes, I am not a risk lover as a person who earns his living upon betting. This means my stakes may vary (minimum: 2 – maximum: 7) depending on how much I trust the pick.


BET-IBC and Kvasir

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