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Hi, I'm Lady Murasaki
Stats fan and now amateur tipster! Feel free to check my picks on

Lady Murasaki predictionsHello everyone! I have been in the betting world for only two years, but I think the time has come for me to take the first step as a tipster. All my life I have been interested in science and, at first glance, it may seem that my Biology studies have nothing to do with betting and sports, however, statistical data analysis is connected to life sciences and to any everyday aspect such as sports and therefore betting. I love watching football, tennis, basketball, baseball, even rugby games (only if the All Blacks play), so if all those hours I spend sitting down and watching games count as experience, I have plenty.

This year has brought me many things, including undesirable loads of free time. Because of that, I started posting my predictions to put my betting strategy (if we can call it that) into practice. The first victim of my trial and error period has been and, for the last month, I share predictions almost daily on my profile at From there I took the leap to Bet-Ibc tipsters’ roster, where I will also share at least one exclusive full-content weekly prediction. You can find me on any of these platforms or through my Twitter account: @LadyMurasaki6.

My objective is not to get Elon Musk-ish rich from sports predictions, however, I do not want to lose money either, so my odds will be above 1.6 and my stake will be flat. The first and second division of Spain, the Uruguayan and Argentine soccer leagues and the most important leagues in Europe will be the scope of my predictions. This does not mean that I am not going to include basketball, tennis, and baseball into the mix.

That is all there is to say about me. I will let my betting tips do the talking. Thank you and good luck!

Multiple on Pinbet88My favorite bookie is Pinnacle. I consider it as the best bookmaker in the world, offering the highest limits and the best odds. However, works with many bookmakers and, when publishing a prediction, I select the one that offers the highest odds at the time. I do not discriminate against the bookies, so the one that offers the highest value for my bet will be taken without thinking twice.

When I started my collaboration with Bet-ibc, I came across the VIP-IBC platform provided by them, and I am delighted with the way it works. It became the ideal place to see how my master strategy plan looks like, because betting is much easier. VIP-IBC gathers all the major bookmakers such as Pinnacle and Betfair in a single account and you can compare odds side by side.

campeonato uruguayoI mentioned in the “About” section that my picks will be about football (or soccer, if you refuse to call it as it is). I am on a self-discovering path of who I am as a tipster, so only if I feel a bit adventurous I will take a chance with other sports such as basketball, tennis and baseball. The main leagues that I will cover by country are:

Liga Profesional de Fútbol de Argentina

  • Argentina: Primera División
  • Brazil: Brasileirão
  • Belgium: Jupiler League
  • Chile: Campeonato AFP PlanVital
  • England: Premier League
  • Paraguay: Primera División
  • Spain: LaLiga, LaLiga SmartBank
  • Uruguay: Campeonato Uruguayo de Primera División
  • Venezuela: Primera División

Lady Murasaki quality picks

On I share 3 picks per day so in a week I can reach more than 15 betting tips. However, for my Bet-ibc predictions, my motto will be "quality over quantity" so I will only post predictions where I see real value and the best chances for great profit.

My picks usually range between odds of 1.6 and 2.0, nevertheless, I am not afraid to pick higher odds if the risk is worthy. While most of the betting types refer to Asian Handicaps and 1x2, it does not mean that I will not use other betting types on rare occasions.

Regarding stakes, I have the same degree of reliability for all my picks so I will use a flat stake. Flat stakes always provide greater reliability for long-term results, and since I am planning to base my retirement on what I earn through gambling, long-term works for me.

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