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Hello, I am Logibet!
Get the best picks with analysis from Logibet's top tipsters here: www.logibet.com

Logibet is a premium sports betting tip service which has been around for long time. The inquirers can subscribe for more than one hundred tipsters' tips.

Our system analyzes bettors in a very complex way and has a totally unique formula for this purpose: taking the profitability, the stability and the experience of the user into consideration. We have trusted Tipsters that will give certain tips. Actually, earlier this year, one of our master tipsters reached the 4000 point mark.

Furthermore, Logibet is present at the first official tipster world ranking called Topsters - proving its trustworthiness and reliability.

With two exclusive picks per week, we would like to introduce our best experts' tips (including analysis). You can subscribe for our service at logibet.com where sports lovers can get a glimpse of the pros detailed statistics. Also, we are developing a mobile app for you to access easily to the best tips.

The site is available in two languages: English and Hungarian in order to reach more people. Also, if you have further questions you can visit our live chat where our operators will be pleased to answer you.

Our experts exclusively choose their picks from the offerings of Bet365 and Pinnacle, in order to be easily traceable. The affluence Bet365 offers and the high limits of Pinnacle can cover the whole range of the betting markets.

We will point out why our tipster use Pinnacle. In the first place, it can cover the whole range of the betting markets, you can select alternative handicap and total lines, so you have multiple options to buy or sell points. Also, there are two aspects Pinnacle is unbeatable at: odds and limits. On the biggest markets, you can bet tens of thousands of dollars, but you won't be disappointed on lesser markets either.

If you want to bet big, you need to register at Pinnacle, especially because they won't limit customers either.
About bet365, we can say that it’s usually attractive for customers, since it regularly offers reload bonuses for loyal customers, plus extra bonuses at the start of the season, depending on your account activity. Also, Bet365 has a variety of betting options among all bookmakers. In several markets, you can even request betting options that are currently not on the list, and oddsmakers will shortly add it to the betting options.
Beside we list the other bookmaker's odds so the subscribers can bet our picks at the best possible multiplier.

 Bet on various sporst types with BET-IBC
Dozens of tipsters are constantly giving picks in a wide range of sports from football and tennis to e-sports, so that everyone can find their preferred events.

Most of our tipsters prefer football, so the subscribers can expect most of our tips in this sport. However, as you can see from our filter, handball and tennis are really popular as well. Thanks to our experts from several different nations, you don’t only choose from tips from top football leagues, but also from smaller domestic championships as well.

In the world of betting, it is quite common that a tipster has a special field of interest - it can be a sport, a specific championship or a tournament - because that is how they can maximize their profits. Because of this, some might skip a couple of months, because every sport has its own break period, but thanks to Logibet's system, these tipsters do not suffer any inconveniences due to their pause.

Make a profit by betting with our exclusive Tipsters
The average odds and average stake can be different at our tipsters, some always make their bets with the same amount of units and some vary them. Our experts' average stake is around 4-5 units, and this is recommended to be played with 2 - 2.5% of your bankroll. However, there are some tipsters who constantly make 10-unit tips and in that case, one should lower the previously mentioned stake.

The same applies to the number of the picks - those are quite diverse as well since some operate with hundreds of them per month, others make only a few. Because of this, all of our subscribers can find the most suitable options for themselves. We do believe that this diversity is one of the greatest advantages of Logibet. Those who are interested in the world of sports betting can wind the best-fitting tipsters of their liking. People who do not want to take big risks and only willing to make a couple of tips per month, or who like to take risks and willing to put more time and effort can find excellent options.

The same applies to the choice of the stakes. As we mentioned before, the average stake should be as the following:

Starting balance: 200 units
1 unit: 0.5% of the bankroll

This means that even on a 10/10 tip, we only recommend betting 5% of your bankroll, although this is optional. Our cautious bettors usually operate with 3%, and the courageous ones around 7.5 - 8%.