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Hi, I’m Lorysan
An experienced football tipster sharing in-depth analyzed picks. Check my profile at: https://cutt.ly/bk8FkUW

Lorisan about me imageMy name is Alex, I am from Belarus. In my youth, I was fond of football, played in amateur matches. At the same time, I first became interested in betting. Together with our football friends, we went to bookmakers. At that time, we bet on many events with a small size of the rates. This only led to the loss of money in the future.

After a couple of years, I was still into betting; only I was already buying professional advice from specialized sites.

After a long time, I realized that I can also be an advisor in this area. I studied statistics, player injuries, motivation, and many other factors for the advice to be profitable. I also have a great opportunity to discuss many matches with my partners who also place bets and have a lot of experience in this. In dispute, truth is born.

Over the years of running, I realized that this road is not entirely straight. There are many ups and downs along the way; disappointment gives way to joy from the work done. Nevertheless, I enjoy this path, realizing that to become better, you need to apply efforts, primarily mental.

Tipster's favorite bookiesI prefer professional bookies, like PS3838, and SBO. They offer good limits and odds. The only way to make a profit in the long run is to use these Asian bookies because they do not limit winners.

I will start using VIP-IBC for my exclusive tips on BET-IBC as this software includes odds from more other bookies, including those from PS3838 and SBO.

Lorisan Leagues and SportsI only play the best European championships (England - Premier League, Spain - La Liga, France - Ligue 1, Italy - Serie A, Germany - Bundesliga, Sweden, and Norway).

I use these championships for advice because they are very liquid markets with high limits, minimal line movement and low margins compared to other less popular soccer events.

My stake is always 1/10 - this is 0.5% of bankroll for one pick.
During a full season, I will post around 200-300 picks monthly and another 50 to 100 during summer and winter breaks in my blog.

I will be posting here in BET-IBC at least twice a week, always based on pre-match games with descriptions to make it clear why I chose this match outcome.

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