Hi, I'm Manos
Latest news, form, motivational aspects,behaviour of the teams, etc. are some of the key points of my betting.
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My name is Manos, I m from Greece and I'm 44 years old. Started betting at 2005, I love football, love watching matches and prefer to betting on teams I have knowledge.
I have rules: value odds, Latest news, History, Form, Absences, Results home - away, How each team is playing, Weather, Importance of match, Rumors are all important to choose my best.
I have also very good friends from all the betting world, have great relations, exchange views and always have good advice from them.
Since the beginning of 2011, I am tracking all my picks on blogabet.
My betting blog : manxif@blogabet.com and in my blog you can find all my bets, numbers, statistics and all my work in betting all these years

PS3838 - 188bet - Bet365. first, PS3838 is by far the best bookie in the world. High limit markets without limitations. Mostly, their odds are the highest on the market. 1bookie, a great bookie, too. I use also Bet365 because matches of smaller leagues are not always covered by Asian Bookmakers and Bet365 is one of best European bookies. As you can see in my blog, last eight years, I have 38% of my bets at PS3838, 22% at 188bet and 25% at bet365.

Football. All these years, I have seen thousands of matches so I have gained a lot of knowledge and experience about betting on football matches. All leagues will be considered in my tips but I'm focused on big leagues :
English - Spain - Italy - France - Germany - Brazil and also their minor series

I will throw two exclusive tips with a preview a week here.
My standard stake will be 4/10.
if I have very good Information, high confidence and a high value will be 6/10.
my picks will be always with odds 1.80+
And never forget the first rule for a good bettor: Bankroll Management is the most important issue for successful betting.

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