No Man

Hi, I'm No Man
Hi, I’m No Man! The man from the Isle.
I’m publishing my picks on my Blogabet profile

Hello, I’m No Man!
I was born in London and I met with football while I was still in primary school. I have played football as a forward and a stopper until the end of my college years and I was the captain of the school team. Then I became an amateur football player for Sunderland and played at the youth team of the club for 2 years. Due to an ankle fracture injury, I was forced to give up both the club and the action altogether football at the age of 17.  I an now 31 years old and I still cannot describe my sadness. Football is a passion for me so I cannot let it simply go.  I have a motto in my life: “Do what you like”. I moved to the Isle of Man 3 years ago and I became a farmer and punter because I like producing things.

I love watching football matches from all around the world and placing bets on them. I do not have a significant method on my predictions. Generally, I place my bets based on my senses and my special analyses. I can say that my method is working rather well, for the time being, as I have a 75% win rate on my Blogabet profile. I am doing my job with pleasure and it affects my motivation and outcome. I think we will get better with BET-IBC and all of us will earn more!

I believe that the key point for betting are the odds and the betting types as my real goal is earning. That is why I choose Ps3838 and Betfair as bookies for me. I like Ps3838 because even though I place my bets on football, I like to watch e-sport matches and bet on them as well.

Betfair is a totally different temptation for me as I like to bet against real players. For me, it is like playing a football match.

Also, I have been presented to VIP-IBC now that we have reached an agreement with BET-IBC. VIP-IBC is a betting software that helps you find the best odds and limits. I will try this platform as soon as possible and I will share my experiences with you.

I am a football lover so my predictions will mainly be about football with an occasional addition of suggestion about esports.

I have a lot of time to follow football and esport matches around the world, so I have a really wide range of leagues. If I was to mention the specific leagues which I will be sending predictions for, these will be the English Championship and League 1, the Turkish Super League, the French Ligue 2, the German Bundesliga's 2 – 3, the Danish Super Liga, the Belgian Jupiler League, the Italian Serie B, the Spanish La Liga 2, the Scottish Premier League and the Australian A-League.

It is difficult to bet more than five units being premium, so I usually bet between 0.5-5. Occasionally, I use 10/10 stakes, although for the New Year I want to be more rigorous. I think that the bankroll to start to follow me has to be at least 100 euros, although, if you have a smaller bankroll, it is not a problem; the important thing is that you get benefits. It is crucial to be patient, and not pretend to win in a day. The standard will be staked between 1 and 3.
My degree of confidence will depend on the pick, and the information I get about the teams.