Tipster Ivo


Hi, I'm Ivo
I have more than 15 years of experience in betting.

Tipster IvoMy experience in betting began in 2003 when I became a professional of arbitrage and was a member of the most famous forums! I have learned over the years to realize where is the value in betting and I have been passing gradually into the world of tips, and soon with enough success to the present day. In the last 3 years, I decided to show to the world my abilities.

My strategy is very simple. I start my daily work in the morning, very early, looking for news that I think are relevant to the championships that I follow with more interest! When something interests me, I will immediately find out if this news is already reflected in the odds that this particular game presents. If I think the market has not yet reacted and the odd presented has value, I bet! To see if my work continues to be well done, I always register the odd of closure of the market in Asia, and usually win the market more than 70% of the time, which helps me to accept the inevitable bad runs and realize that my work continues to be well done.

Tipster Ivo

Logically my favorite bookies are PS3838 and Sbobet, they are the ones that offer the best Asian lines, with the best limits for true investors.

My service is exclusively Asian Handicap.

Tipster IvoI only bet on football. I have experience in leagues with good liquidity, like in England, Germany, Italy, etc., but lately I have been focusing almost exclusively on the leagues 1 and 2 from Portugal.

I believe that it is easier to find value in the minor leagues than the major ones in Europe where you get millions of visitors and nothing is new. In the Portuguese leagues I have access to news a lot faster than most and can get the best possible value.

Tipster IvoI have simple premises:

My stake is one of the most accurate and honest flat stake.

I only bet in things that have value in my eyes, without risking losses or pushing it on bad phases.

I have a very selective service; I focus on quality instead of quantity.

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