Hello, I'm Realtu
I am a guy that loves sports and enjoys betting on them. I hope we can have fun together.
If you want to you can also follow me on!account/realtu

Hello there, I am Realtu, a bearded oddfellow who enjoys having some jolly good fun betting on sports all arround!

I am a long-time sports fan that has been relatively successful in the betting world for the last couple of years and finally decided to share his tips with the world. Mostly I bet on football in major leagues all around the world, but every now and again I like to try my hand at other sports, especially when something catches my interest in a match.

Overall, I am a guy that loves sports and enjoys betting on them. I hope we can have fun together. Please feel free to follow my tips if you want, and don't forget to enjoy the game! My motto is "enjoying sports for fun and profit" and I try to live up to this phrase. That's why I've created a twitter account recently. By following me on twitter @RealtuTipster, you will be the first to know when I share a tip.

I rather enjoy using odds from PS3838, mostly because they cover various sports and various leagues, especially in football, which is my specialty. Because of their great variety, there is always the chance of finding the hidden gem in the odds among the matches. However, I’m not against choosing odds from another bookie if they offer a better deal for the result I want.

One of the things I can recommend without a doubt is to use Asian bookmakers. The Asian betting market developed a lot in the last few years and they are, in my opinion, better than the European ones, since they will not limit you when you get in a good flow and start winning.

This is why I try to make all my bets through VIP-IBC, a great betting platform offered by BET-IBC. It allows you to bet and see the odds of various top-rated bookmakers, including PS3838, and compare then so you can always choose the best one, which saves a lot of time and makes my life a lot easier.

Football sbobet

I mostly bet on football, in leagues all around the world. I tend to focus on major leagues in Europe and South America, with occasional bets in smaller leagues if a match catches my interest. Recently, I have become interested in e-sports and may start betting on it soon, after I do some more research of course.

Anyways, if I find something really interesting, I will probably bet on it, regardless of the sport, though this is a rare occurrence for me.

I will publish two exclusive tips here on BET-IBC every week, and two more at my account on pyckio, probably near the end of the week. This is my bare minimum, but I can post more if I find something interesting during the weekend. If you want you can also follow me on:!account/realtu

Target Bets stakes

The regular stakes for my picks are:

-Risky match: 1/10 to 2/10

-Medium confidence: 3/10 to 5/10

-High confidence: 6/10 and above


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