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Hello, I am Riskyme
A tipster from Cameroon with proven experience in sports betting. Check my profile here https://betting.com/tipsters/riskyme

About RiskymeHello Everyone! My name is Emma, known as Riskyme. I am a tipster from Cameroon and I have been part of the betting world for years now. Back in my secondary school days, I'll have long conversations with my friends who were bettors back then and since I was very good with numbers, from time to time I would help them with the mathematical analysis of most football games. I can remember just before the World Cup in Brazil 2014 I had made some silly calculations and I was pretty certain at the time Germany were going to win that competition and Argentina to finish runners up. I told my friends who were bettors to stake on it but they all decline and I decide not to take action. One of my friends advised me to become a bettor but I never wanted to be a bettor because I know all too well how addictive it can be and the effects.

A few years later I came across Betting Expert and this time, I decided to give it a harmless try. I had some really terrible results in the beginning but I just kept on pushing even harder each time I failed. I noticed I was making small progress and it took me six months to land top spot finish at the weekly NFL competition and the rest they say is history.

I have been testing my skills at betting metrics and Bettors club both of which I recently took the first position in their respective tipster competitions. I bet mainly on Basketball and Football but I also like Baseball, Darts, and Ice Hockey. For me, writing/Predicting sports isn’t just a hobby but a way of life. I am now a part of BET-IBC, so don’t forget to always check in regularly for some eye-catching previews and Prediction from @Riskyme.

VIP-IBCMost of my odds are usually from Betfair Sportbook. It covers lots of betting markets with really nice odds. With years of experience I have with this site, I am capable of maintaining a good ROI with the Asian Market.

And thanks to my partnership with BET-IBC, I now have access to their VIP-IBC betting software which presents a variety of odds from different bookmakers all in one place.

Riskyme League and types of sportsI am a lover of sports in general but for golf. I tend to focus alot more on Basketball (NBA, ACB). I am also fully invested the in EPL, Serie A, Bundesliga and NHL.

Regardless of the sports or league if any interesting event pops I'll probably bet on it. A single day is enough to make us a little larger or another time, a little smaller. Let's beat the NBA & ACB Bookies.

Riskyme Betting StakesAs per my recent partnership with BET-IBC, I will be posting 2 of my very best pre-match picks per week, 24hrs before the event starts, and hopefully, they can be of help.

Most of my predictions will range between odds of 1.4 - 1.9 and I'll be using a flat stake on all my predictions. Occasionally I might decide to go for +2.5 odds as I think it'll be worth the risk.

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