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CEO of Sport X Tipster & Professional Sports Tipster since 2012.
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Hello everybody. My name is Valentin and I'm the CEO and one of the main tipsters at SPORT X TIPSTER.

Let me tell you more about myself, before moving to business: I've been in the sports betting business since I turned 18. I've always been a big fan of computer science, statistics, math, finances and pretty much anything related to numbers. Some people say about me that I see, think and speak in numbers.

Part of this is true because I've graduated from 2 universities with BSc’s in Accounting and Computer Science, both fields related to numbers. I went forward, getting a third MSc in Business Informatics and now I'm studying for a Doctoral Degree in Computer Science.

I started being interested in sports betting and how to make money out of it, since I was a teenager. I went looking for teams, learning different betting strategies and understanding the psychology of betting, right before turning 18. That helped me a lot because I understood that betting should be seen as an investment if you want to turn it profitable. I think of sports betting just like stocks. Before putting my money into stocks, I analyze the company, its financial situation, history and I do technical analysis by looking at the charts. I do the same with betting! Before predicting for a game, I look at teams, statistics and I take under consideration multiple variables that could influence the income (e.g. weather, injured players, past/upcoming games, news and rumors, the friendship between teams, willingness and importance of a game and many more...).

For me, betting is a way of life, because I treat it as an investment. I've always been an investor (not only in betting but also in stocks, shares, cryptocurrency and different companies).

Given the success I've had since I started with betting, I looked for the best tipsters I could find back in 2012 and formed Sport X Tipster. Sport X Tipster is a company registered in the European Union that mainly focuses on bringing the best free and PRO tips possible for punters worldwide. We’ve grown as a site and right now we're having over 30,000 registered members, 100 monthly paying members, and 4 professional full-time tipsters.

We've completed a rebranding of the company, its website and business model in 2019 and we're currently being verified by Blogabet and Tipster Tube. You can find the list of our previous tips here:

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We care a lot about our members, we thank them for their support and we would kindly ask all members to express their honest opinion about the quality of our service. You guys mean everything for us! We kindly thank you!

I just signed up for BET-IBC, because I want to share a bit of my knowledge in sports betting for FREE as well as offering you a preview on what you’ll be getting on a daily basis if you decide to join Sport X Tipster.

If you ever have any questions about me, my tips are offered here, my business, or anything else, don’t hesitate to send me an email at

PS3838 – Great bookie with really nice high limits. Early odds and a very good set of leagues’ offers.
SBOBET – Another great Asian bookmaker with nice high limits. Sometimes has higher odds than PS3838 and an even better set leagues’ offers.
Betfair - An amazing bookmaker with good limits, nice leagues’ offers and sometimes you can get higher odds than in all Asian bookmakers.

I’m mainly focusing on football (or soccer as my American friends say). At Sport X Tipster we have tipsters that are focusing on other sports as well, however, here at BET IBC, I will only provide football tips from European, North American and Australian leagues. I’m having this approach because on these leagues, you can find the highest limits and most betting options.

Few favorite leagues: England Premier League, England Championship, Italy Serie A, Australia A-League, Spain La Liga, Turkey SuperLig, Greece Super League, Romania Liga 1.

I’m always following the 1 to 10 staking system where:
1 – Prediction that’s more of a gamble (1% of bankroll)
5 – Medium Stake on this tip. I trust it! (5% of bankroll)
10 – Highest stake possible on this tip! (10% of bankroll)

During a full season, I normally post anywhere between 25-35 tips at Sport X Tipster and on other blogs. That includes pre-match tips and live tips too. I will be posting here at BET-IBC at least twice a week, always pre-match tips with at least 24 hours before the match starts.

Thank you for viewing my profile! Let’s make some money together!

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