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Hi, I'm TheTrollmanSha
Betting Expert 2020 Yearly Competition Winner and currently the top tipster with more than 35k Profit. Check my social media profile at:

The TrollmanSha Profile ImageHi to all! I'm Pone, known as TheTrollmanSha, I live in Italy and I’m in the betting world for years. I started to bet years ago, at the beginning just for fun but then I improved a lot and I was able to sustain a good ROI. I live in a country with online betting restrictions so I can’t access most bookmakers. So I started to focus on tipping and I liked it! (I still bet where I can/if I find good value).

I have been competing on Betting Expert site for years where I can test my skills and try to help my followers. I'm currently the Tipster with the highest amount of Profit there and I recently won the Yearly Competition. I published more than 60k tips; so I'm very experienced and my overall profit is now more than 35k (on football, I am Ranked #1 Tipster with a large margin of profit to the tipster in the 2nd place).

I bet mainly on football (as you can see 25k of the 35k is on football) but I also like basketball and ice hockey and I have a good ROI on these sports as well.

I don’t just love sports betting but Football is also my favorite sport to watch on and I like to check stats, starting line-ups, news, etc., to find betting opportunity for my tips. I'm also a Football Freestyler as you can see on my social media.

betfair-logoIn the past when I could bet on it, the Betfair Sportbook was already my favourite bookmaker and it’s nice that I can take the Betfair odds from the Best Betting Platform, VIP-IBC for my tips. I know very well the site and I think I'm able to sustain a good ROI on it. It offers some nice odds in most markets and I'm now good at finding them.

Of course, I used to play in other bookmakers too, Matchbook for example, (and if I find valuable odds, I will tip taking odds in other bookmakers) but in my opinion, the combination of Sports and Markets that Betfair offers makes it the best. For this reason, I will focus on it here to try to help especially those who are betting on it.

soccerI am more into football, of course, and I bet in every league. Minor leagues are where you may find better value but I won't focus only on them and I think is possible to find value in major leagues too. For example, I like the English Premier League, the German Bundesliga and Austria, Ligue 1 in France but I don't think there is one where I'm better.

StakeI like high odds (and especially on Betfair Sportbook, I think I can find some good bets with high odds). For this reason, I will use a small stake on them (usually from 1-2/10 to 4-5/10 max). I recently started to cooperate with BET-IBC and I will start sending 2 picks per week. Because I like high odds and (at least for now) I will just send only 2 tips per week I expect a huge variance on them but I hope they can help.

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