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Hi We are WhaleBets
WhaleBets provides you with free predictions everyday on www.whalebets.com .

whalebets hello pictureWhaleBets is a top-notch website that provides useful strategies, bookmaker reviews, bonuses, all the latest football news, 3 free daily tips and a high-quality VIP Program.
We have 4 Tipsters that have been in the game for over a decade and bring a lot of experience in the vault. We only provide tips with real value, not "sure bets" or "fixed games". Our free daily tips are public and anyone can check them out on our website and social profiles.
The VIP Program is dedicated to serious bettors and provides 1 BOTD, 1 Combo and a lot of live bets, totaling around 200 bets per month. We provide those tips on telegram for the ease of our users and the stats can be found here - https://whalebets.com/statistics.
Let`s try and bust the bookies together!

Whalebets is working mostly with one of the leading and proven bookmakers – PS3838. And this is why.

PS3838 offers a wide variety of markets in different sporting events and a large number of events for live betting. pinnacle logo
With active tabs to access Asian lines, goals, half-time, players and specials PS3838 presents the wealthiest choice of markets with easy and fast navigation.

We (WhaleBets team) are also recommending this Asian bookie to you because they are accepting successful tipsters. You won’t have "the maximum bet limit reached" issue because, after you bet on a specific event, you can repeat the bet again and again until you reach the desired amount.

As you can see from our name (Whalebets), we are betting with rather significant amounts because we have a clear and informative strategy in each sport, event or single player’s bet. That is why PS3838 and the possibilities they are offering, is our preferred betting company.
If you wish to have long-term profitability from betting - PS3838 is the betting platform you must work with.

Our tipster team is specialized in bets on football (we will definitely expand on this) – having separate tipsters for the top leagues and others who are interested in lower divisions and matches outside Europe (South and North America).
Another sport we occupy ourselves with is ice hockey. We deal mainly in live betting, knowing the dynamics of the sport and the constant changes of the players participating in the match. cycling bet-ibc tipsterOther sports which are covered but less attentively by our team are - Cycling, Biathlon, Cross Country Skiing and F1 also with very good win rates.
Whalebets is giving you the chance to improve your betting skills by following strict strategies devised by trusting people who are experts in the field of betting.

With more than a decade in the betting business, our mission is to help you improve! whalebets facebook
We will be giving you some of our daily bets, however, our idea is to teach you how to recognize when a bet is worth it and to make you understand that gambling should not be part of your betting philosophy! The odds we offer depend on the markets our tipsters are choosing, but we will always provide value.
We recommend that you never ever bet more than 5% of your bank, sticking to 1% most of the time.