Asian Bookmaker Agent System

Asian bookmakers have three levels of agents:

  1. Super Master Agent
  2. Master Agent
  3. Agent

Only Super Master Agents may carry out financial transactions with the Asian bookmaker directly. Each agent may only create agent accounts of the next level in the agent hierarchy, which means:

Super Master Agents can only create Master Agent accounts. Master Agents can only open Agent accounts and Agents may only create player accounts. However, every Super Master Agent also has a Master Agent account as well as an Agent account, so they may also create player accounts. As a Super Master Agent, BET-IBC can help you become an Agent if you are interested in the earnings potential of PS3838 ( former

The earnings model for agents is as follows: the Asian bookmaker takes commission on wagers and gives the ability to take up to a certain percent of risk on bets to Super Master Agents. Of course, the Super Master Agent must make a "risk deposit" at the Asian betting office, to guarantee the payment of winnings from bets. The Super Master Agent can then pass on a specific part of his commissions as well as the ability to assume risk on bets to his Master Agent and the Master Agent can do so for Agents.

It works the same way with account balances:

Bookmakers only work directly with Super Master Agents. This means that Super Master Agents transfer a certain amount of money to PS3838 and receive that amount of money as an account balance. The Super Master Agent can then divide this balance among his Master Agents and they then divide their share among their Agents. At the end of the chain, Agents can recruit players and issue them betting accounts.

The system may sound somewhat complicated, but it ensures that not only a single person is responsible for the betting accounts of players - rather the entire pyramid of agents supports it. The deposits and bet winnings of customers are therefore guaranteed no matter what happens. And if the last part of the chain - though also the most important - the player / sports bettor, decides he or she is not satisfied with his or her Agent, the entire pyramid falls apart since this business depends on personal contact. Agents with poor reputations quickly find themselves out of a job, with no chance to return.

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