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Did you know that you can transfer funds between your SBOBET, Betfair and PS3838 Sports accounts that you have opened via BET-IBC in Euro or American Dollars? Did you know this service costs only 1% (for Betfair accounts 3% and 5%) and available to everyone without exception? The only condition that has to be met to utilize this feature is the fact that the minimum amount we transfer cannot be lower than 100 Euros or American Dollars.

If you wish to transfer your funds from one account to another, all you have to do is fill in this simple form.

This amazing feature is available for holders of SBOBET and PS3838 accounts in Euro and American Dollars (to avoid fees resulting from currency exchange). The three bookmaking giants combined give you close to unlimited possibilities – even more sports disciplines, live betting markets and betting options. To maximize your betting potential, we advise you to open accounts at the 3 said operators if you haven’t already, everybody’s welcome!