Kickback for Highrollers





If you are a Highroller – it is time to get a kickback!

Let’s introduce you to how it works! A kickback Get your Kickback via BET-IBC(otherwise known as “bonus”) is very simple with BET-IBC.
You, our exclusive client, generate a turnover while betting, based on which BET-IBC receives a commission from the bookmakers. To appreciate your loyalty to us, BET-IBC pays you a kickback of 0.1% if you reach this turnover* to a certain level.

For example, if you reach a total of 1,000,000 EUR as a total turnover while betting in, let’s say, PS3838 (former per calendar month, you will receive a kickback of 1,000 EUR**** added to your account at the aforementioned bookmaker.


Where can you profit out of it?

There are several bookmakers we open accounts at – Ps3838, BetISN, and our best platform where you can wager on all the above and more with just one click – VIP-IBC.
If you do not have an account yet, just open one at any of the best BET-IBC bookies and get your kickback.

How to get the kickback?

In order to get some money back here is what you need to do:


We give a kickback of 0.1% of the volume** if your monthly*** volume reaches or exceeds 300,000 EUR****
Sign up for a PS3838 account now!


We give a kickback of 0.1% of the turnover* if your monthly*** turnover reaches or exceeds 300,000 EUR****
Sign up for a BetISN account now!

Do you think you are up to it?
If you were afraid to commit to high stakes in the past, it is the right time to change your mind and take advantage of new kickback options by the best Broker – BET-IBC.


* all bets settled as won or lost are counted for turnover
** all bets settled as won or lost multiplied with the odds are counted for volume
*** counted per calendar month
**** or the equivalent in another currency